Preferred Overseas Education Destinations in the wake of COVID-19

Preferred Overseas Education Destinations in the wake of COVID-19
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Preferred Overseas Education Destinations in the wake of COVID-19

Preferred Overseas Education Destinations in the wake of COVID-19

If you are an overseas education aspirant you surely must be at crossroads regarding your academic plans, study abroad destination, and future in general, as you navigate through this uncertain phase in the times COVID 19.

Notwithstanding your financial preparedness, one of your foremost concerns would be the choice of the destination country in the wake of COVID-19. Being concerned counselors, we at Collegepond understand that achieving your career goals while maintaining good health and safety must be your top priority, as things stand today.  So, your preferred destination must offer you the desired safety net in terms of your physical and mental well- being, and most importantly a pandemic free environment to study and realize your career aspirations.

While every nation is trying hard get to the other side of the pandemic, there are a handful of countries, that have managed to flatten the curve and have resumed business and academic activities albeit in a restricted way with temporary limits in accordance to the new normal brought about by the pandemic.

Countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Germany, and Canada have not only been successful in combating the pandemic by implementing effective lockdown measures, stringent vigilance, social distancing norms, and proactive health care support but are now being counted among preferred study abroad destinations apart from the US.

Though we understand that it is difficult to re-think on your choices midway between your predefined career plans, in keeping with the unprecedented developments, we would like to highlight preferred destinations and the comparative scenarios as things stand today, so that you can choose a destination that is not only safe and welcoming but also offers high-quality education with global recognition.

New Zealand: Having tackled the pandemic successfully, tertiary education facilities are all set to open by mid-May 2020. What this means is that most of the universities across New Zealand are gearing up to offer on-campus classes, including research activity and student support services, while continuing to support online classes till the start of the new semester in July 2020.

Given New Zealand’s safety standards, low cost of living, and nominal annual tuition fees, it comes across as one of the most favorable studies abroad destinations among Indian students owing to the quality education it offers.

Australia: With a due commitment to delivering high-quality education, universities in Australia are not only offering remote education by providing enrolled students with valuable learning resources but also propose to provide intensive face-to-face sessions whenever it is deemed safe to open up campuses for in-person learning. With universally recognized degrees, cultural diversity, and low tuition fees, Australia is one of the most preferred destinations after the US and the UK.

Ireland: Though classes and assessments have moved online today, universities across Ireland propose to start in-person classes from September 2020, subject to approval from the government and the national response team handling COVID-19. Being known as the land of scholars and Noble Prize winners, Ireland continues to emphasize on providing quality education. Also, the endearing warmth and hospitality of the Irish people certainly make Ireland one of the favored destinations for study abroad education.

Canada: Though most of the Canadian universities have concurred to offer the fall semester online, there are on-going efforts to switch over to on-campus teaching provided public health measures to allow for the same. Renowned for its world-class education, diverse culture, and excellent quality of life Canada continues to be one of the most sought after destinations.

Germany:  Having one of the best health care systems in the world, Germany’s all-out commitment to handing the pandemic deftly, as compared to other European nations has been laudatory. As a result, it is fast emerging as the safest and preferred alternative study abroad destination for international students. Though summer and winter semesters have been postponed to May 2020 and November 2020, respectively, lockdown restrictions are being eased in a phased manner now. Therefore, most of the schools and universities are planning to switch to in-person classes as and when contact restrictions are waived completely.

While German universities are renowned for offering excellent education with internationally recognized degrees in automobile engineering, international students can avail of a multitude of scholarships funded by DAAD and explore long term work opportunities by studying in one of the world’s most developed, safe, politically, and economically stable countries.

UK: Though Britain has been impacted by the pandemic to a considerable extent today, it still ranks as one of the most preferred study abroad destinations owing to the revised immigration policies (new points-based system) that will take effect from January 1, 2021.  While Britain’s immigration system invariably favored EU nationals, the new points-based system is largely merit-based, with capping in place for EU and non-EU students. This will provide equal study and work opportunities to meritorious students and skilled professionals from the world over, including India. With a view to treating both EU and non-EU citizens on par, suitable points will be awarded based on skill sets, qualifications, salary, and the type of profession being pursued.

UK ranks very high when it comes to imparting quality education with internationally recognized degrees. With course duration being shorter as compared to other countries, students can save on tuition fees and accommodation costs. Though studying in the UK is considered as expensive, students are allowed to work while pursuing academics.

The situation around us is quite fluid today, as the pandemic continues to be in a state of flux. As a result, the policies and guidelines associated with the resumption of schools and universities in-person are continuously being reviewed and updated in keeping with the unfolding situation. Therefore, we urge you to use your discretion while deciding on the right program, university, and destination as you set out to achieve your career goals.

On our part, we will continue to do our best in providing you with the most up-to-date information, guidance, and direction.

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