Phrases That Can be Used in Recommendation Letters

Phrases That Can be Used in Recommendation Letters
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Phrases That Can be Used in Recommendation Letters

Writing a recommendation can be difficult and tedious.  Many a times, the person writing the recommendation may want you to write the first draft and then he or she will edit from there onward.  It becomes a task to come up with new phrases/sentences.  In this regard, we have provided below phrases for your perusal.

Phrases That Can Be Used to Introduce the Prospective Student:
  • am honored to support him as a candidate
  • am pleased to provide a reference for
  • am pleased to write a character reference for
  • am delighted to be called upon
  • am pleased to write an endorsement for
  • am happy to recommend
  • first became acquainted with
  • first came to my attention when
  • has worked under my supervision for
  • has worked directly under my supervision
  • has been a pleasure to supervise
  • have known Ms…. for
  • have no hesitation in recommending
  • have been his supervisor since
  • her performance as a
  • his qualifications and performance
  • have had the opportunity to
  • in response to your inquiry
  • in the past two years
  • is a pleasure to recommend
  • was a student in two of my classes
  • was employed by us from.
  • I am elated to be called upon as a reference for
  • I am happy to write recommendation for
  • I have known him since …..when she enrolled in my class
  • I have known her for ….months in capacity as …… at ……
  • Based on my …..long association with him , I would rank him as one of the best students we ever had
Example of Phrases That Have Been Incorporated in the Body:
  • a creative problem-solver
  • always cheerful and dependable
  • always met his deadlines
  • always behaves professionally
  • among her significant contributions to the company are
  • broad range of skills
  • can attest to his integrity
  • careful attention to detail
  • comments are well thought out and clearly articulated
  • communicates her ideas clearly
  • communicates effectively in writing
  • completely loyal and trustworthy
  • deals sensitively with customers and co-workers
  • demonstrated particular strengths in
  • discharged her duties satisfactorily
  • follows tasks through to completion
  • fulfilled the job requirements admirably
  • gets along well with others
  • handles administrative tasks efficiently
  • handles responsibility well
  • has a take-charge personality
  • has a flair for organization
  • her sensitivity and concern for others
  • is innovative and creative
  • is a tireless worker
  • is mature beyond her years
  • is intelligent and ambitious
  • is personable and easy to work with
  • keeps calm under pressure
  • meticulous attention to detail
  • one of our finest, most well-rounded undergraduates
  • outstanding leadership abilities
  • oversees a meeting tactfully and effectively
  • punctual and reliable
  • punctual and hard working
  • self-motivated individual
  • wide-range knowledge of
  • willing to go beyond what is required
  • willing to take on new responsibilities
  • works efficiently and effectively
  • works independently and effectively
  • works well with little supervision
  • Has always proven equal to the task assigned
  • Is a quick and competent learner
  • Has ability to execute task assigned with composure and always sticks to deadline
  • Was an asset to the college
  • Is an assiduous self-starter who always understands exactly what the assignment is all about
  • Unswerving executes high quality work on time
  • Has an amazing capacity for taking challenges head on
  • Concentrates all her energies on the  task assigned and follows instructions to the tee
Example of Phrases Included in Conclusions:
  • an asset to your organization
  • every confidence in her ability to
  • give my unqualified recommendation
  • has always proved satisfactory
  • has my highest recommendation
  • have admiration and respect for
  • have no reservations in
  • hope this information proves helpful
  • if I can further assist
  • if you have further questions
  • if you need additional information
  • if you would like more information
  • recommend without reservation
  • recommend her very highly
  • request your favorable consideration of
  • should be given serious consideration
  • should you have any questions
  • under other conditions with another supervisor
  • under the right circumstances
  • will be happy to speak with you
  • will meet your expectations
  • I enthusiastically recommend…as a truly capable candidate for this program
  • will be successful in any enterprise he undertakes
  • will be a credit to your
  • will measure up to your high standards
  • I willingly recommend…as a favorable candidate for  your……Program
  • will be a great addition to
  • would be an asset to any company
  • would be a valuable addition to
  • I am confident that ……will continue to be productive
  • I firmly believe in his exceptional capabilities for…and strongly recommend him for your program
  • I completely endorse her outstanding abilities for..
  • I resolutely believe in her outstanding abilities for..
  • Rarely have been able to recommend someone without reservation. It is a pleasure to do so in the case of…….
  • I highly recommend him  without any reservations
  • Seldom have I been able to recommend someone with such confidence

Don’t forget to write the date and the name of the person writing the recommendation. The name of the program you are applying for should come out explicitly in the body of the text, in order to make clear that the letter has been written for that occasion. In addition, most recommendation forms contain a certain number of fields, the multiple-choice kind, where the informed referee has to assess, by checking cells, your abilities. Make sure those fields are checked and insert the text in the place left for additional remarks. We strongly suggest that you do not leave blank that portion of the form, but use it instead as a self-standing recommendation letter.

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