North Carolina State University | Student Feedback

North Carolina State University | Student Feedback


North Carolina State University | Student Feedback

I would like to share my experiences regarding my MS program at North Carolina State University in Operations Research( Fall 15 student).

OR and IE are essentially the same thing here, just that OR focuses more on the analytical side and involves a lot of math. So whatever I share applies to both OR as well as IE.

1.Courses: North Carolina State University

The courses are awesome and are flexible to take from any department ( I took courses from MBA, Textiles, Statistics, IE, OR).

Supply chain courses are pretty difficult here as people do get D grade in it.

Some courses that people believe are internship and job grabbers are:

Database applications in IE

Lean Six Sigma Quality

Model and Analysis of Supply chain

Computer Simulation

Additive Manufacturing

Automated Systems Engg North Carolina State University

SAS/ Data Mining North Carolina State University

The complexity and the grading of the courses which most people are concerned varies a lot.

You can get a 4/4 GPA studying for just 10 days a semester if u enroll for the easy courses and people struggle to maintain a 3 GPA taking some Supply Chain, OR or ‘difficult’ courses and toiling all semester.

It is advisable to take courses having projects. Lots of stuff to talk about courses, Please contact for loads of info.

2.Professors North Carolina State University

Knowledgeable but do not expect ‘TEACHING’. Need to do EVERYTHING ALL BY YOURSELF. There will be some professors you might want to kill for their teaching!! Trust me this happens!

3.Research North Carolina State University

Mainly focussed on research in the MEDICAL INDUSTRY (healthcare improvement) and MANUFACTURING (mainly additive manufacturing).

4. Job opportunities North Carolina State University

People are optimistic about jobs. A recent survey indicated that 60% students got summer interns and almost all got jobs(and good jobs).

For CS, it is heaven here but for IE/ OR, some struggle is needed.

Online applications with contacts and recommendations helps!

People usually get into Volvo, Cummins, TE Connectivity, Georgia Pacific, Caterpillar, EY, Deloitte, Bank of America.

A lot of companies along with the above ones come to the career fair but ‘APPLY ONLINE’ is what they tell to do.

Nonetheless NCSTATE is a BRAND NAME.

Apply for 200 interns and you would get calls from 10 companies and may land an intern in 1 or 2 from them is the general trend heard from seniors.

5. Climate and Location North Carolina State University

Awesome awesome climate! Probably one of the best in the US.

No unexpected rains and the frequency is less. It snows for 7 days a year. Generally, the climate is cool.

Places near Raleigh and in Raleigh: BOOOORING as hell. One could finish the famous places in Raleigh visit in 6 hours. Feels like a village sometimes.

6.Campus North Carolina State University

Awesome campus. Awesome libraries. Awesome gymnasium. Lots of sports played. The variety of sports played, the level of technology used in classrooms and the equipment used in the gymnasium are awesomely amazing!

7.Other interesting points: North Carolina State University

Transport within the campus and to the neighboring cities is absolutely free.

All books, pdfs etc are absolutely free and available in the libraries.

Living expenses are cheap: 250 for rent for a shared room, 50 for utilities, and 200-400 for food (depends on spending habits).

Downtown is small but gets really good on Fridays.

Indian food: Doesn’t exist except for some restaurants. But plenty of Indian stores are accessible nearby.

Part time jobs are VERYYYY easy to get.

TA/RA/GA: No hopes unless a Ph.D. student

8. Students North Carolina State University

Background: Students from Mech/ Instrumentation. IE, Nanotech, Systems Engg, Manufacturing, Automobile.

Pretty competitive and smart.

A good group help for almost every purpose!

People mostly live offcampus but I can proudly say that I got an awesome on-campus apartment while paying the same amount.

9. IMSE(Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering)

I would want students who do not wish to study much, have work experience and pursue MS to have a look at this degree.

People with a degree in IE/OR/MECH generally transfer after 1st(if GPA>3.7) or 2nd sem(if one can find a co-op) to IMSE


1.Co-op program in the 3rd semester(6 credits)

  1. 9 subjects in total to study
  2. Less expenses

4.If you are unable to fetch a Co-op, the professor helps u a lot(he has lots of contacts).


1.No one knows about the degree so the name of the degree is a major disadvantage.

Overall, the journey has been fascinating so far.


Learn basics of the courses of interest/ your field before coming here.

Learn to cook 3-4 simple recipes.

Stay confident!


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