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What Our Students Say About Us

No one can tell you more about what it’s like to consult Collegepond than the people who matter most to us— our students. So we take pride in letting them speak for us. Read what they have to say, in their own words, and you’ll see why we’re so confident that you, like them, will be happy to enroll with us for the right guidance.

Vidhi Raval photo

Vidhi Raval

University of Colorado Boulder, MS in CS
It was a wonderful journey with Collegepond. They have helped me a lot at every step, from University selection to SOP and LORs to Predeparture. Thanks a lot team Collegepond!
Jiineet M photo

Jiineet M

University of Southern California, MS in Construction management
The help provided by Jimeet Sir and Suraj Sir is excellent. Also the timely response provided by them is valuable. Thank you so much Collegepond team for getting me into my dream university.
Jash M photo

Jash M

Carnegie Mellon University, MS in MIS
It was a really good experience with Collegepond. Counsellors were very helpful with documents, application processes and solved every doubt to the best of their ability
Arjun B photo

Arjun B

University of California Irvine, MS in CS(SE)
Complimentary TOEFL classes taken by Neha were good and precise. Good guidance while shortlisting universities. Counsellors were available for help at all the times.“
Anshul U photo

Anshul U

University of Maryland College Park, MS in MIS
A big thanks to everyone associated at collegepond for their help Right from preparations for GRE all the way till my visa preparations.this wouldn’t have been possible without you.
Anisha C.  photo

Anisha C.

Carnegie Mellon University, MS in ECE signals and system
I am thankful to Collegepond for guiding me throughout my application process, right from choosing the course to college shortlisting. Jimeet sir has been very prompt and helpful always.
Anay P.  photo

Anay P.

University of California San Diego, Ms in Mechanical Engineering
Great experience. I always received the best of services from Collegepond. I have also recommended CollegePond to all my juniors as well. Thank You CollegePond !!!
Akshay Tata  photo

Akshay Tata

Cornell University, MS Information Science
I was very confused at the start , but I always got the right kind of guidance. Collegepond helped me make sure I have a strong and convincing sop and LOR to make it to my dream university.
Dhaval L photo

Dhaval L

University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MS in Mechanical Engineering
Entire staff of collegepond has been very helpful and especially Jimeet sir in selecting universities, giving brilliant guidance in constructing SOP and helping me get my dream university. Thank you Collegepond!!
Vinit Shah  photo

Vinit Shah

IIT Chicago, MS in CS
I am really happy to have such awesome counsellors who guided me through all the important career steps of my life. Collegepond is the best counselling service when it comes to one to one guiding and solving of issues be it personal or financial. I am really happy with their efforts which they put in for my LOR, SOP and overall profile preparations. Also, their tie-ups with Credila benefited me to get a loan with highly satisfied ROI.
Sharang Biradar  photo

Sharang Biradar

New York University Polytechnic, MS in Manufacturing Engineering
Collegepond are best at their work. They offer the best guidance for not just the higher education but also the career which we would take on after our studies. Thanks to Jimeet sir and his entire team for making the entire process so easy. The seminars conducted by them were very helpful in understanding all the important points of the process. They will be there whenever you need them. Thank you Collegepond.
Akshay Bhatt  photo

Akshay Bhatt

San Jose State University, MS in Software Engineering
Collegepond has been really helpful with SOP, LOR and Resume building along with university selection and visa interview preparations. The mock visas interviews were very helpful. All the seminars conducted were well organised and comprehensive. With their help, everything went smooth and systematically. The entire team is very helpful and excellent. They are best at their work!
Neel S.  photo

Neel S.

University of Southern California, MS in Computer Science
Collegepond was very helpful in the whole application process and made this journey as easy as possible. The guided me through ever step of the entire process and I am thankful to them. The gave me the best advice which I follow till date. They helped me mold my profile better in order to get the best career in the future. Thank you for all your help and support Collegepond. You have truly been great.
Mayuri B.  photo

Mayuri B.

Rutgers University New Brunswick, MS in Human Resources
Collegepond guides you through the entire process systematically and does not make it seem so daunting like everyone else actually believes it to be. SOP, resume and LOP build up was very good. It helped me enhance my profile more. Jimeet and Suraj Sir were easily available whenever I needed them. Overall I had a good experience with Collegepond and I would surely advice all my juniors to join them for counselling.
Riya L.  photo

Riya L.

MU, MS in Analytics
The entire procedure right from giving the GRE and TOEFL to the visa interview is a Herculean task. However, Jimeet sir with his expertise and patience broke it down into small baby steps which we overcame together and before I even realised it I was booking my flight tickets to my dream university in the USA. My experience with Collegepond was excellent and I would advice everyone to enroll with them and trust their expert counsellors blindly!
Aanchal S.  photo

Aanchal S.

University of Rochester, MS in Business Analytics
My experience with collegepond has been excellent. The seminars organised by them were very helpful. They were supportive and always there at every step right from preparing for GRE, TOEFL to the application process and also till we headed for departure. They continue helping even after you land. A very big thank you to Jimeet, Suraj, Amrita, Neha and the entire Collegepond team.
Saloni Rokde  photo

Saloni Rokde

University of Minnesota Twin Cities, MS in Human Resources
The organised approach adopted by Collegepond makes the entire process stress free and well before the deadlines without any rush. I am truly thankful to them for helping me in the entire process endlessly in order to aim and get the best university.
Sarvesh Patki  photo

Sarvesh Patki

Lehigh University, MS in IEOR
Entire Collegepond team is very accessible and are always happy to help you. They will always be there for you whenever you need them. Their service is excellent. I recommend everyone who are planning for higher studies, to seek counselling from them. Thank you for all your help for helping me get in my dream university!
Varun Kelkar  photo

Varun Kelkar

Arizona State University, MS in Chemical Engineering
My experience with Collegepond was really good. Very helpful. Assisting on almost everything as many times u ask them. Apt guidance on SOP, LOR, and other stuff and not complete spoon feeding making you think too about what should be included and what not to.
Piyush Poddar  photo

Piyush Poddar

SUNY Buffalo, MS in Electrical Engineering
Collegepond provided a very good couching and the best counselling service. I am very well satisfied with the result for a profile like mine. They helped me enhance my profile in a way which I could never imagine myself. Thank you for everything team Collegepond!
Rohit Bobade  photo

Rohit Bobade

Rutgers University New Brunswick, MS in ECE
It was a great experience with Collegepond. The counsellors guided me through every step. The also got me connected with seniors from different universities which was very helpful. If you need the best counselling for higher studies, Collegepond is the right place for you!
Yogesh Kubal  photo

Yogesh Kubal

Arizona State University, MS in Electrical & Computer Engineering
It was very nice experience with Collegepond, everyone was very helpful. They were always there to clear my doubts and to help me with all important aspects like SOP, LORs, resume and application process. Collegepond made my journey very easy right from GRE counselling till today.
Krutanjali Bhoir  photo

Krutanjali Bhoir

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, MIS
Collegepond has helped me right from the very beginning i.e selecting the course of study. They have a very organised approach in each step during the whole application process and post-admission process too. I am very grateful to Jimeet, Suraj and Neha. Thank you very much!!
Anagha Rajyam  photo

Anagha Rajyam

University of Colorado Boulder, MS in Telecom & Networking
The entire collegepond team has been a great help to make the entire one year process very easy.Things would not have been the same without their help. Suraj sir and Jimeet sir are always available for help which makes the process very smooth. Thanks a lot for everything!!
Rahanik Vora  photo

Rahanik Vora

Johns Hopkins University, MS in Computer Science
It was a very satisfying experience with Collegepond. You get beyond your money’s worth. They covered so many aspects of the entire application process which I had never heard about. At every step, they provide their best inputs and help get the desired output. They also guide you once you join the university as well. They provide excellent service of all time.
Pranav Ranawat  photo

Pranav Ranawat

Savannah College of Art and Design, MFA in Industrial Design
It has been a very helpful experience in terms of selecting the right career for me, drafting the resume, LOR and SOP. Also, the mock visa interviews have been very helpful. Neha, Jimeet and Suraj were always available to help. Thank you for the entire experience, it has been a great ride with you all. I would recommend Collegepond to all the students who wish to apply abroad.
Sagar Khashu  photo

Sagar Khashu

Arizona State University MS in Analytics
Collegepond assists you in your journey from an inexperienced undergraduate to an independent graduate candidate and help you greatly In this transformation. The guidance given is top notch at every step. Jimeet and Suraj Sir are really helpful and add quality to your application process. The entire team works well to help you enhance your profile to get the best university.
Aman Karnik  photo

Aman Karnik

Arizona State University, MS in Electrical & Computer Engineering
It has been an amazing experience right from the beginning stages of preparing for the GRE, TOEFL to the final visa preparation and pre-departure. I would like to thank the entire team for helping me and always being there to guide us. You are the best counsellors anyone could ask for. Thank you Jimeet Sir, Suraj Sir, Neha Ma’am and Amrita Ma’am for all your help and support.
Sudarshan Salunkhe photo

Sudarshan Salunkhe

UT Dallas, MS in SCM
Collegepond has been very helpful throughout the entire admission process. When I look back now I realise it was a lot of work, but the guidance received throughout the year in each step has made the process feel easy and not so overwhelming. The complimentary TOEFL lectures were also very helpful. They will be there for you even after you fly abroad.
Nishant Shetty  photo

Nishant Shetty

Northeastern University, MS in Computer Science
I am glad that I chose Collegepond as my counsellors as they offered me the best guidance in order to get in the best university I deserved and much more. Their GRE and TOEFL classes were very good. Even the resources provided by them were great. The entire team is excellent and helps you with all the necessary steps.
Vishruti Deokar  photo

Vishruti Deokar

North Carolina State University, MS in Electrical & Computer Engineering
I had an excellent experience with Collegepond right from preparing the SOP, LORs, resumes to selecting universities and also the application process. The various seminars conducted for application, finances, visa and predeparture were very useful. I am highly satisfied with the entire service. Thank you so much for everything
Prashant Vichare  photo

Prashant Vichare

North Carolina State University, MS in Electrical & Computer Engineering
I owe all my multiple admits to Suraj, Jimeet, Neha and the entire Collegepond team. Their support and guidance played a key role in helping me manage my job and applications at the same time. Identifying students’ strength and helping them choose the right program is their forte. They are amazing counsellors!
Chinmay Raote photo

Chinmay Raote

University of Maryland College Park, MIS
Collegepond helps you at every stage of your application process and also in profile building. They make the such a tedious process seem so effortless and easy. Thank you so much Collegepond for helping me get an admit from one of the top universities in USA.
Parth Mehta  photo

Parth Mehta

New York University Polytechnic MIS
I had a wonderful experience with Collegepond. Everyone are very friendly and cooperative. They helped me overcome numerous hurdles during the application process with the help of their knowledge and experience. I was always at ease knowing that I had them to back on. I would surely recommend Collegepond.
Vasudha Sarda photo

Vasudha Sarda

Indiana University Bloomington, MIS
Collegepond has guided me throughout the journey of university selection, filling application forms, drafting SOP, LOR and resume and also the Visa process. Overall I had a good experience. I would like to thank the entire team for being so friendly and supportive!
Janak Bhalla  photo

Janak Bhalla

Indiana University Bloomington, MS in CS
All the seminars conducted by Collegepond were well organised, knowledgeable and the materials provided during the entire process were very helpful. The counsellors are readily available to solve doubts either over the phone or in person. Offices are also well maintained.
Rishikesh Muchhala  photo

Rishikesh Muchhala

Indiana University Bloomington, MIS
The amount of help Jimeet sir provided was pretty satisfactory, right from selecting the university suitable to my profile, Drafting SOP, LOR along with visa interview preparation. I would definitely recommend it to my friends. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.
Anuj Gangan  photo

Anuj Gangan

University of Southern California, MS in Electrical Engineering
The guidance given by Suraj and Jimeet sir has been very important in selecting the universities and even the right course for me. The preparation on SOPs and applications has been excellent. They were always available when I needed them either in personal or on calls. Thank you so much
Chinmay Rane  photo

Chinmay Rane

Georgia Institute of Technology, MS in Financial Engineering
Right from MIS vs MFE to shortlisting the universities, Collegepond has helped throughout the process. Everything was well organised and They gave each of their students their best attention. They also helped us even after we landed here. I would surely refer them to other students.
Ajay Dhawlae  photo

Ajay Dhawlae

University of Pennsylvania, Chemical Engineering
Collegepond made a lengthy and time consuming task very easy with the help of their guidance and accurate instructions. They guide you through the entire process wonderfully. They are truly the best counsellors one could ever have. With their guidance I got the best university!
Vanthana Sachdev  photo

Vanthana Sachdev

Arizona State University, MS in Computer Science
I had a great time with Collegepond. Initially, I was completely clueless about the whole application procedure but after joining them, I received the necessary help at each and every step. My doubts and grievances were addressed immediately with patience despite of the continual hounding
Omkar Nalawade  photo

Omkar Nalawade

University of Pennsylvania, MS in ECE
Collegepond follows an organised way of handling the entire process right from the GRE classes to the visa process. Everyone at Collegepond has been very helpful. With the correct guidance I was successful in getting an admit in my dream university. Thank you so much for everything Collegepond!
Priyanka Hegde  photo

Priyanka Hegde

University of Massachusetts Amherst, MS in ECE
Collegepond made the whole gruelling experience of the application process easier.The seminars conducted were very helpful.Also the counsellors were always accessible and solved all doubts as soon as possible.In general loved the whole experience with Collegepond !
Rohan Bokil photo

Rohan Bokil

Clemson University, MS in Mechanical Engineering
Collegepond has been instrumental in my journey to the graduate school. Neha, Jimeet and Suraj are always available to clear all the doubts thereby making application process easy. Thank You team Collegepond for being there for me throughout this journey.
Niharika Purbey  photo

Niharika Purbey

Columbia University, MS in Computer Science
Collegepond team has been so great. They helped a lot while drafting my SOP, LOR and resume and also during the visa process. Everyone are extremely helpful, supportive and friendly. Thank you so much for all your help. It has been a great experience.
Pooja Bhalode  photo

Pooja Bhalode

Carnegie Mellon University, MS in Chemical Engineering
Collegepond has been of a lot of help throughout the entire process. They would be there for me endlessly till I was completely satisfied with my documents and other preparations. I could always seek their help and advice.
Hardh Mehta  photo

Hardh Mehta

Columbia University, MS in Mechanical
I had a great experience with Collegepond. They guided us right from the very beginning of our journey. Throughout the application process they assisted me with all my doubts and queries. Thank you Collegepond for helping me get into my dream university.
 Janav Udani  photo

Janav Udani

Purdue University, MS in Astronautical Engineering
The overall experience with Collegepond has been very good. The counsellors have always been there to help me out no matter what the time was. The guidance offered helped me keep the anxiety minimum and also to get into the best university!
Gayatri Vora  photo

Gayatri Vora

University of Colorado Boulder, MS in Aerospace
It was very nice experience, everyone in Collegepond was very helpful. Everyone was always there to clear my doubts and to help me with SOP LORs and application process. Collegepond made my journey very easy starting from GRE till today.
Jheel doshi  photo

Jheel doshi

University of Maryland College Park, MIS
Team Collegepond was always available whenever I needed them and they provided excellent guidance during all the stages of the entire application process, right from university selection to visa. They have always provided comprehensive guidance.
 Aditya Kurup  photo

Aditya Kurup

New York University, MS in Information Systems
The overall experience with Collegepond has been very good. They have always been there to help me out no matter what the time was. The guidance offered helped me to keep the tension and anxiety at the minimum. Thank you Collegepond!
Savita Yelamanchili  photo

Savita Yelamanchili

University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MS in Electrical Engineering
What sets Collegepond apart is their ability to guide the student during the entire application process, at the same time, teaching them to be independent and making them take important decisions on their own. Overall it has been a great experience with them and I would like to thank the entire team for their endless help, guidance and support. They help you climb the ladder to success!
Pinank Shah  photo

Pinank Shah

Columbia University, MS in Financial Engineering
Enrolling with Collegepond was one of the best decisions I took last year. Their experience and expertise in this domain is unparalleled. They make the entire process very seamless with the right guidance and information. Thank you team Collegepond for helping me get into my dream university. I strongly recommend Collegepond to everyone who wish to go abroad for higher studies.
Richa Netto photo

Richa Netto

Columbia University, MS in Electrical Engineering
Collegepond provides great coaching and even better counselling. They help you take straight-forward discussions. I am very satisfied with their service. ‘SOP and LOR’ sessions made my average profile look way better. All the necessary things were always informed way in advance. Visa and finances arrangements were made easy for me and my parents. Thanks to the entire team overall it has been a great experience.
Surbhi Kadam photo

Surbhi Kadam

Carnegie Mellon University, MS in Electrical & Computer Engineering
Collegepond enhanced my perspective of the entire foreign education process, right from the entrance tests preparation to the application process and even helped me with the visa process. Through Collegepond’s network, I could interact with seniors and learn from their experiences as well. I would really like to thank Collegepond for all their help and support. They are the best!
Surbhi Kadam photo

Pallavi S

New York University, Masters in Construction Management
Collegepond was a one-stop solution to meet all my counselling and application requirements like profile building, SOP, resume, university selection and other requirements such as finance and VISA processes. Converge, their online portal was a great source of information and was useful in organizing the entire process systematically. I would highly recommend Collegepond to anyone pursuing overseas education for getting the best counselling services.
Surbhi Kadam photo

Anshul Maudar

Yale University, Masters in International & Development Economics
I thank Collegepond for the crucial role they have played in helping me achieve my dreams. Their top notch counselling and stream-lined processes have been a constant assurance that I was in safe hands. They have been a pillar of strength at every step of the entire application process.
Fay Nicole Colah  photo

Fay Nicole Colah

Stanford University, Masters in Mechanical Engineering
Collegepond’s first rate counselling services have truly surpassed my expectations and helped me secure admission in my dream university. The team went out of their way to assist me through the entire counselling process right from building my profile to helping me select the best universities to drafting outstanding SOP, LOR and Resume. Their swift action and streamlined processes ensured that my applications were submitted well before deadlines. I give them a 9 on 10 for their unmatched services, which helped me get into one of the best universities.
Fay Nicole Colah  photo

Gulsagar Jassar

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Masters in Systems Design & Management
It was an amazing experience working with Collegepond for career guidance and college selection. They have a highly dedicated team to offer you the best services. Having a vast professional experience in various industries, Suraj Sir helped me with insightful career counselling. Kaushal Sir thoroughly reviewed my profile and suggested me programs that were unique and matched my professional and educational goals. Jimeet Sir, is a 24*7 hotline person and he always replies on WhatsApp. I once did a chat with him while he was watching a movie in a theater. I would strongly recommend their services.
Kunali Ghelani  photo

Kunali Ghelani

Emory University, Public Health and Management
Collegepond provided an amazing platform in the form of their online work flow management system called Converge to help me in the application process. As I was a working professional, the sample videos, documents and FAQ’s on the portal helped greatly in clearing all my doubts. I was highly impressed with the regular mailing system, through which I received reminders about upcoming seminars and staff schedule. Availability of the staff at all of their branches ensured they were just a call away whenever I needed help. All these services under one roof were the “cherry on the cake.” I would give Collegepond a “five star” rating.
Maitreya Kurumbhati photo

Maitreya Kurumbhati

University of California, San Diego, Masters in Civil Engineering
Collegepond provides a holistic approach to the concept of foreign education consulting. The team, headed by Jimeet Sir and Suraj Sir guided us impeccably to work on the different aspects of the application process. Their extremely efficient web platform, Converge, has ensured we get relevant information and are always in touch with the counsellor to resolve any queries. Collegepond counselling includes professional networking, thereby helping students to get internship and Co-op opportunities. I would like to recommend their services to all overseas studies aspirants, right from test prep to VISA guidance.
Anand Gaikaiwari  photo

Anand Gaikaiwari

Masters in Chemical Engineering, National University of Singapore
I was one of the “last moment” students who joined Collegepond. My career aspirations were crystal clear, but I was unaware of the path that would lead me to achieving it. The Collegepond SOP team helped me with my SOP even with the strict time constraints. With help at each step, right from university selection to VISA interviews, Collegepond guided me to get me into my dream university – The National University of Singapore. Thank you for all the dedication & hardwork!
Malav Shah  photo

Malav Shah

Georgia Institute of Technology, Masters in Computer Science
Joining Collegepond has paid rich dividends. Their proactive approach and willingness to help at all times ensured that I got into my dream university, Georgia Institute of Technology. Right from the process of university selection to the Pre-departure seminar, almost everything has been a breeze. Additionally, their tie ups with various service providers ensure that we, as students get the best deals . Thanks to the entire Collegepond team for their continued support during the admission process.
Malav Shah  photo

Mihir Joshi

Engineering Student, Georgia Institute of Technology
Collegepond has played a vital role in helping me achieve a perfect 340/340 in the GRE. I was impressed by the vast experience and immense enthusiasm of my instructors throughout my GRE preparation. The lectures were informative and interactive, which made GRE preparation a lot more interesting. Their unique pedagogy, excellent time-management techniques, and unmatched study material have contributed to my success in the exam. Also, the instructors were always approachable for unlimited doubt-solving sessions, which helped me ace GRE with flying colors.
Bhavya Shahi  photo

Bhavya Shahi

Engineering Student, Columbia University
I had a wonderful experience with Collegepond. Their technology platform Converge was remarkably helpful in streamlining the process, and the entire Collegepond team was always accessible to resolve my doubts quickly and effectively. With regards to GRE, the class timings were flexible, and the essay evaluations aided me immensely with my AWA. The content team helped me with stellar SOP and glowing LOR, which along with their top-notch counselling service assisted me in getting into my dream university. I wholeheartedly recommend Collegepond to all the overseas education aspirants.
Ameeta Japtiwale  photo

Ameeta Japtiwale

University of Minnesota Twin Cities, MS in Analytics
Collegepond has helped me immensely through the entire process of my masters preparation; right from the applications to the visa interview. The resources provided by them were were helpful. They got me connected to the current students and also the aluminas which helped me make my decisions easily. Thanks a lot to Suraj, Jimeet and the entire collegepond team for making the entire experience so wonderful!! ?
Shruti T photo

Shruti T

University of Southern California, MS in CS
Great help at all the steps! Really appreciate the guidance. I am really grateful to the entire Collegepond team for all their efforts.
Rohan R photo

Rohan R

Columbia University, MS in Mech Design and Manufacturing
Excellent Counselling service. I recommend CollegePond team for counselling to all my peers.
Karan G photo

Karan G

Carnegie Mellon University, MS in MISM
Thank you so much for being there CollegePond team. You guys are the best counselling service in Mumbai.
Milind Nilekani photo

Milind Nilekani

Carnegie Mellon University, MS in Entertainment Technology
I didn’t know much about the process of applying to the U.S.A. but Collegepond was very helped at every step and thanks to their help got into one of the best universities for my field. I could not thank them enough for all their help.

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