Minimum TOEFL scores to get admission

Minimum TOEFL scores to get admission
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Minimum TOEFL scores to get admission


The TOEFL exam score is usually considered as a criterion for rejection rather than for selection. Universities spell out minimum TOEFL scores as a mandatory requirement for students coming from non-English speaking countries since English is the language of communication in the US.  If you meet this eligibility requirement, your application is passed on to the next stage of the selection procedure. Sometimes meeting this cut off score is enough for the school to feel confident about your English skills, but there are cases where it is recommended that you score higher than the cut-off score to improve your chances of being admitted. Some schools are more accommodating and flexible and ask for alternative requirements if you fail to meet their TOEFL cut-off score. Hence, before you begin your TOEFL classes and TOEFL coaching, it’s a good idea to know the score that you need to achieve.

Given below is a list of the minimum scores required for each university for studying the Engineering Master’s program for the year 2016-17.

1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 108
2 Stanford University 89
3 Georgia Institute of Technology 79
4 University of California Berkeley 90
5 California Institute of Technology 107
6 Carnegie Mellon University 104
8 Purdue University— West Lafayette  99
9 University of Illinois— Urbana- Champaign  102
10 University of Texas— Austin (Cockrell)  79
11 Texas A&M University— College Station  80
12 University of Southern California (Viterbi)  90
13 Columbia University (Fu Foundation)  96
15 University of California— San Diego (Jacobs)  80
16 University of California— Los Angeles (Samueli)  87
18 University of Wisconsin— Madison  92
19 Johns Hopkins University (Whiting)  100
20 Northwestern University (McCormick)  80
21 University of California— Santa Barbara 80
22 University of Pennsylvania  100
23 Harvard University  80
24 University of Maryland— College Park (Clark)  100
25 North Carolina State University  80
26 University of Washington  92
University of Minnesota—Twin Cities 79
27 Virginia Tech  80
28 Duke University (Pratt)  90
29 Rice University (Brown)  90
30 Ohio State University  79
31 Pennsylvania State University— University Park  80
32 University of Colorado— Boulder  90
34 University of California— Davis  80
35 Vanderbilt University  88
36 University of California— Irvine (Samueli)  80
37 Northeastern University  79
38 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute  88
39 University of Virginia  90
40 Arizona State University (Fulton)  80
41 University of Florida  80
42 University of Pittsburgh (Swanson)  80
43 Iowa State University  79
44 New York University (Tandon)  90
45 University of Rochester  90
46 University of Delaware  90

Source:  U.S News

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