Virtual Mentorship Symposium

Day 1: 4th September

Demystifying the Country & University Selection Process

Time: 6:00 PM IST

» How to choose between countries
» University Selection: Ranking vs Brand Name
» How to build a strong profile representing your academic and extra-curricular achievements
» Application hacks


Sayujya Shah

Pursuing PDEng in Process & Product Design

Mahesh Hase

Pursuing MS in Data Science

Diler Ganatra

Pursuing MS in Automotive Engineering

John Britto Edinburgh

Graduated from University of Massachusetts Amherst
Software Development Engineer

ROI on an Overseas Education

Time: 7:00 PM IST

» How to minimize the cost of your education
» Strategies to secure RA/TA/On Campus Jobs
» Is the investment to study abroad worth it?
» Jobs Prospects on returning to India


Tushar Agarwal

Graduated from Carnegie Mellon University
Associate Manager of Product

Shantanu Tilak

Pursuing PhD from Ohio State University
Instructional Designer

Nishit Mohire

Graduated from La Trobe University
Quality Assurance Officer

Fay Nicole Colah

Graduated from Stanford University
Product System Design Engineer

Planning after MS

Time: 8:00 PM IST

» Building your Resume for Jobs
» Networking while studying
» Leveraging networking platforms like Linkedin, Glassdoor, etc.
» Applying for internships while studying.
» Exploring job opportunities in multiple countries.


Vidhi Chitalia

Graduated from Rutgers Business School
Sr. Analyst, Product Management

Priyanka Bhuta

Graduated from Southern Methodist University
Data Engineer

Nikhil Modi

Graduated from Purdue University
Sr. Software Engineer

Vatsa Joshi

Graduated from Syracuse University
GRC Officer – Vendor Risk Management

Day 2: 5th September

Quantum Computing 101 : The Future of Computing Era

Time: 6:00 PM IST

» Fundamentals of Quantum Computing
» Why is Quantum Computing required?
» Different industry applications of Quantum Computing
» How Quantum Computing is now accessible via cloud?


Sanjay Vishwakarma

Graduated from Carnegie Mellon University
Research Software Engineer

Nuts and Bolts of Software Engineering

Time: 6:30 PM IST

» Getting into software giants like Microsoft, Amazon, and others
» Process of application development at leading companies
» Managing expectations/product releasing
» Career progression


Vritti Rohira

Graduated from University of Southern California
Software Engineer

Tanveer Shaikh

Graduated from University of Illinois at Chicago
Software Development Engineer

Getting a Hold on the Machine Learning Craze!

Time: 7:00 PM IST

» How is Machine Learning being used in various business sectors
» Demand for Machine Learning Engineers
» What does an ML Engineer do?
» Career Progression of an ML Engineer


Dhaval Shah

Graduated from University of Southern California
Software Engineer

Data Science vs Analytics: Similarities & Differences

Time: 7:30 PM IST

» Data Science/Analytics Defined
» Overview of course curriculum
» Unravelling the coding element
» Navigating the career maze


Shreyash Suryawanshi

Graduated from University of Maryland 
Data Scientist, Strategy

Ameeta Japtiwale

Graduated from University of Minnesota
Specialist, Data Engineering

Cloud Engineering: A Megatrend!

Time: 8:00 PM IST

» What is Cloud Engineering?
» Demand for Cloud Engineers in US
» Academic + Career progression of Cloud engineers


Madhav Prabhu

Graduated from New York University
Solutions Specialist –
Strategy and Analytics

Day 3: 11th September

Decoding an Organization’s Network Backbone

Time: 6:00 PM IST

» Opportunities post-graduation in Canada
» Developing & Managing a Network Infrastructure
» Role of DevOps in Telco networks implementation


Suraj Iyer

Graduated from University of Toronto
Technology Specialist

Supply Chain Management: Examining the Process & Career Flow

Time: 6:30 PM IST

» What is Supply Chain Management and its various specializations
» Founding a Club at University
» How does Lean Endeavors club help SCM graduates
» Career Progression in SCM


Jeel Majithia

Graduated from Northeastern University
Co-Founder of the Lean Endeavors

Tech Consulting: A Career Beyond just Coding!

Time: 7:00 PM IST

» What is Technology Consulting?
» Leveraging your MS Degree to get into a consulting role
» Product Management vs Technology Consulting
» Career progression of a Consultant


Yashil Kalyani

Graduated from Indiana University
Associate Consultant

Tanya Gupta

Graduated from Indiana University
Associate Consultant

Unravelling Integrated Product Design

Time: 7:30 PM IST

» What is product design and service design?
» The future of product design – VR/AR Service-based Designs, Haptics, etc.
» Stages involved in product design
» A designers mindset vs an engineering mindset
» The European Edge for Product Design!


Pranav Gawde

Graduated from Delft University of Technology
Mechanical Design Engineer

Robotics Engineering Deconstructed

Time: 8:00 PM IST

» Getting into the Robotics/Control Systems Field
» Job Profile of a Robotics Engineer
» Career Progression/Opportunities


Abhijeet Mishra

Graduated from Columbia University
Robotics Engineer


Umang Rastogi

Graduated from University of Maryland, College Park
Software Developer

Pallavi Shintre

Graduated from Arizona State University
Control Systems Engineer


Pharmacy: An Ever-Evolving Domain

Time: 8:30 PM IST

» Career scope in pharmacy post MS
» Masters vs PhD in Pharmacy
» Upcoming trends in the Pharma domain


Nikita Desai

Graduated from Northeastern University
Associate Scientist

Soham Yande

Pursuing his PhD from University of Houston
Vaccines Outcomes Graduate Intern

Day 4: 12th September

International Business: A Gateway to Opportunities!

Time: 6:00 PM IST

» Navigating through the career maze
» Making the switch from Business to HR
» The work culture and lifestyle in Australia


Mohana Ghate

Graduated from University of New South Wales
HR Business Partner-Supply & Corporate Functions

A Firsthand Glimpse into the Scope of Civil Engineering

Time: 6:30 PM IST

» Opportunities and Career Progression in the Civil Engineering Domain
» The right blend of skill-sets to succeed as a Project Engineer
» Work culture & work-life balance


Shubham Holani

Graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology
Project Engineer

Entrepreneurship: The Ultimate End Goal!

Time: 7:00 PM IST

» The roadmap to start a venture
» Funding a start-up
» Creating a dream team
» Making a mark as an entrepreneur


Alay Patel

Graduated from New York University

The PhD Value-Add!

Time: 7:30 PM IST

» Industry vs Academia
» Life of a PhD student
» Career progression in Academia


Bhaumik Bheda

Pursuing PhD in Chemical Engineering
Graduate Research Associate

Transitioning from India to US & Canada

Time: 8:00 PM IST

» Work Culture: India vs US vs Canada
» Career growth opportunities in the two countries
» Transaction Advisory Services & Venture Services explained


Mustufa Shah

Graduated from University of Rochester
Manager, Strategy & Transactions

Maulik Mehta

Graduated from Fordham Gabelli School of Business
Venture Associate

The Untapped Opportunities in Architecture

Time: 8:30 PM IST

» Exploring the different dimensions of the field
» Career progression of an Architect in US
» Role of a Landscape Architect
» Strategy to convert an Internship into a Full-time position


Niti Tataria

Graduated from Texas A&M University
Landscape Designer

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