Why study Masters in USA?

Why study Masters in USA?
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Why study Masters in USA?


Earning a Master’s degree in today’s fast growing world is of utmost importance. Apart from an under-graduate degree in your field of interest, pursuing a graduate degree is significant to your professional growth in terms of depth of knowledge, practical experience and landing high paying jobs. One of the best countries to pursue a Master’s program in any field is undoubtedly the United States.  

Following are the major reasons why you should consider pursuing your Master’s in the USA:

Flexibility of programs

You can opt for subjects from various domains and specialize in them. For instance, you can study engineering along with taking a few business courses in their Master’s program. A high level of flexibility is available in most universities and hence you can tailor-make a unique combination of the courses that you wish to pursue. 

 Most universities also offer part time courses as well as full time courses that could suit your career requirements. They also offer distance learning, online degrees and offer international student exchange programs. So you could choose software designing programs with a mix of economics and project management.

Home to some of the best universities in the world

USA has many accredited universities that are known worldwide. It is home to universities like Stanford, MIT, Columbia, CMU, Georgia Tech etc. Pursuing a degree from one of these universities is an opportunity of a lifetime. Studying here would ensure excellent career opportunities and good professional growth.

Groundbreaking Research 

Students who are passionate about their Master’s education will find that US universities provide some of the best course knowledge together with extensive and updated research in almost all the fields. Be it engineering, psychology etc., the current research in these fields is advanced and can be taken up under the guidance of the best professors in the world. The US universities also provide superior hands-on experience through their well-equipped, state-of-the-art laboratories. 

Work along with Studies

Another advantage of pursuing the Master’s program in the US is that it allows you to take up on-campus jobs along with your coursework so that you can earn sufficiently to meet your living expenses. You can also try for a Research Assistantship (RA) or Teaching Assistantship (TA) under a professor at your university. The professor, in return for your assistance, usually offers to pay a certain percentage of your tuition fee. Apart from this, by taking up STEM courses, you can also opt to take up a summer internship that will help you gain industrial experience and also be a source of income. 

Bag a nice paying job

With the rising demand for skilled engineers in the US and the dollar-rupee difference, many students intend to bag good jobs after completing their Masters in USA. These high paying job opportunities available in US are an excellent return on investment and hence motivate students to apply for the Master’s degree program in a reputed US university. Though the tuition and living cost of a Master’s program in USA is more compared to the one in India, the return that you get once you land a job in USA is a clear winner! The Optional Practical Training (OPT) that the Master’s program offers allows students to work for a year in USA without an H1B visa. In case of STEM courses, the OPT can be further extended up to 24 months, thereby giving ample opportunities to be absorbed by the companies as a permanent employee by arranging for a H1B visa. Once you get the H1B, you can legally work In the USA and live the American Dream. 

Overall Personality Development

Living in another country, away from home is bound to bring changes in you. Not only will you learn to become independent, but you will have the opportunity to get to know other cultures and build new social circles. The global exposure and diverse experiences would build your confidence and develop your personality.

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