Careers in Artificial Intelligence

Careers in Artificial Intelligence

Careers in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence – the term was spoken about right since the 1960s, and it was predicted that one day, intelligent technology would take over the world. While such theories were the theme of several movies and were considered to be the realm of fiction, it was in 1997, when IBM’s Big Blue computer defeated Gary Kasparov in a game of chess, that what seemed like fiction could actually be turning to reality. AI-driven systems mimic human minds in terms of cognition and learning, and thereby, their future actions are affected by this learning. Therefore, such systems showcase an improvement in their functioning when they are required to perform a particular task repeatedly. The AI-powered revolution has just about begun, and almost every field from manufacturing, mining, and power systems to automobiles, e-commerce, and healthcare is set to witness disruptive innovations. Masters in CS with a Specialization in AI

If you are a student who hopes to be a part of this ride, this might be one of the best times to step into the field, since the field is still in its nascent stage, and the potential for growth is immense. Mostly offered by many top-notch Universities as a specialization within Computer Science, it is one of the most competitive degree programs to get into. Typical courses that the student would have to undertake include ones on algorithms, computational complexity theory, machine learning, optimization theory, statistics and numerical analysis, natural language processing, and databases. Prerequisites include a strong background in mathematics, a good grasp of programming and algorithms, and an eye for detail.

Graduating with this specialization can land you a highly lucrative job offer with almost any of the leading software and IT companies, such as Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon, Twitter, etc. You may gain the chance to work on the development of systems which shall manoeuvre a self-driving car, or automate a long production line, or even be devising a game with smart characters. Within the US, you could typically expect a salary range of $110K to $140K as an AI engineer upon completing your graduation.

Some of the dream Universities for AI aspirants include: Masters in CS with a Specialization in AI

  1. Stanford University Masters in CS with a Specialization in AI
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  3. University of California – Berkeley
  4. California Institute of Technology
  5. University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
  6. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
  7. Purdue University Masters in CS with a Specialization in AI
  8. Carnegie Mellon University
  9. University of Texas – Austin
  10. Georgia Institute of Technology
  11. Harvard University Masters in CS with a Specialization in AI
  12. University of Pennsylvania
  13. University of Southern California
  14. Texas A&M University
  15. University of California – Los Angeles
  16. Columbia University
  17. Cornell University Masters in CS with a Specialization in AI
  18. Princeton University
  19. University of Wisconsin – Madison
  20. University of California – San Diego

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