What jobs can I get after MS in Civil Engineering?

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What jobs can I get after MS in Civil Engineering?


Civil Engineering involves designing, constructing, building and maintaining of structures in a physically built society. It includes basic civic amenities like roads, bridges, dams, sewage treatment systems, airports, energy systems, infrastructure for beautifying the environment and so on.

By the time a student finishes his 4 year bachelor’s course in civil engineering, he is well versed with mathematics, statistics, engineering mechanics, fluid dynamics etc. He is then prepared to step into the work environment and apply the knowledge gained practically.

Within the industry, a civil engineer is also known as a City engineer or a Transportation engineer. Civil Engineers mostly work indoors, however sometimes they need to visit the construction sites to monitor progress.

A civil engineer’s role typically involves the following:

  1. Analyzing survey maps and planning projects, reports, presentation etc.
  2. Efficient planning taking government rules and regulations along with cost and environment into consideration
  3. Testing and retesting of ground and soil
  4. Testing materials like concrete, asphalt, steel etc.
  5. Determining a project’s cost estimate
  6. Use of specific designing software
  7. Take environmental impacts into consideration
  8. Participate in surveys as guidance for construction

Being the second largest growing industry in the country, pursuing a career in Civil engineering has great scope. Based on surveys about 30% of India’s working population depends on it. Jobs are easily available in various sectors like research, government, private and business organization.

One can expect a good salary package. It can start with 3 lacs per annum, which doubles after 1-2 years. It can go up-to a 6-figure amount as the number of years in a company increases.

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