Impact of COVID-19 : Fall 2020 Admits

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COVID-19 Impact on Fall 20 Admits

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to be felt across the globe, this is an agonizing times for all the aspiring overseas students, especially, for the ones who have already received acceptance letter from the college or university of their choice.

If you are sailing in the same boat as many other disillusioned students, you must be wondering if you should start your first semester on the online mode, or defer your enrollment in the event that COVID-19 continues through the summer months. With in-class teaching suspended and courses going virtual, it is natural to have these perplexing thoughts and concerns about your future.

While it is difficult to predict the time it will take to flatten the curve of COVID-19, universities across the world continue to maintain that COVID-19 will not affect the upcoming Fall 2020 cycle.

If you are still feeling indecisive about your admission and career prospects, we at Collegepond are here to help you make the best decision by taking all the possible scenarios into consideration. We have laid down potential scenarios that may play out for you with details as under:

Scenario 1 – Pandemic threat recedes over the next 1-2 months

Most Summer 2020 classes have been deferred to Fall 2020 or will be conducted online.

Though colleges are closed, and international travel is grounded, you still have sufficient time to join your college or university for ‘fall’ as scheduled. Going by China’ s experience, the pandemic should wear off over the next 10-12-week period. So, there is no need to think about deferring your enrollment as of now.

Scenario 2 – Pandemic threat recedes but concerned about recession.

Even if the pandemic threat recedes over the next 1-2 months, you may still think of deferring your admit because of the impending recession.  The US and other countries have implemented stimulus packages and will take the necessary actions to ensure that the economies achieve normalcy at the earliest.  If the current developments lead to recession, it is not likely to stretch for more than a year.

If you should go ahead with your original plans and start in Fall 2020 ,by the time you attain graduation in 2022, companies will be looking out for fresh graduates like you, after having endured the  recession phase. In essence, you will be graduating at the most opportune time – when the recruitment season would be at its peak.

Scenario 3 – Pandemic threat  continues  through the onset of  Fall 2020

Firstly, there would be travel restrictions in place. This would be an exceptional situation faced by universities across the globe, as a result, there are no clear cut guidelines or policies in place as yet.

There is no option except to wait and watch how things unfold, at least till April end before you can take stock of things and arrive at a decision.

This being said, here are three possible scenarios for you :

(a) Exploring the possibility of taking courses online for Fall 2020

Many universities may allow you take first semester courses online and then permit you to attend on-campus from Spring 2021 onwards. Clarity on deadline extensions, changes in guidelines and requirements is duly  awaited from schools and universities.

Pros – You start in time. Many universities may even offer you concession in the overall fee structure in the event of opting for online study. However, it is unclear the implications of pursuing online courses on CPT and OPT.

Cons – You miss out on the actual classroom feel and interactions with faculty, career services, etc.

(b) Deferring the admit to Spring 2021 or Fall 2021

This will vary from university to university. Some universities may permit you to avail of this option.  As a general rule, majority of students are likely to end up choosing this option.

(c) Re-applying for next year (2021)

It is important to note that procedural guidelines and requirements vary from university to university.  Not all universities will permit you to defer. As a result, your application will be considered as a fresh/new application.

Please be informed that this in no way implies that you will get ACCEPTED next year, as the competition is likely to heat up and be more tough  (considering the number of applicants will be more if the current  situation continues to prevail ) and there is a possibility that you may not get the coveted ADMIT from your desired university in the ensuing  year.

To get more clarity on the above-mentioned choices and make an informed decision, please free to contact us with your queries so that we can help you make the right decision regarding your academic prospects  and most importantly – help you stay motivated about the future!

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