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Immigrate to Canada

Immigrate to Canada

Canada represents the land of dreams to Indian students and professionals. It is the hope of every immigrant that it will offer him progress, liberty, quality of life and a safe haven to live well and achieve professional excellence. The vast expanse of Canada, covering the northern hemisphere, is home to over a million immigrants from across the globe, enriching the native culture with their own unique colour. With a flourishing economy that easily rivals that of the U.S, Canada is outpacing other countries by introducing immigration reforms that promote the entry of Indians.

As a land of opportunity, Canada allows persons to migrate based on their reason for coming to Canada such as work, short-term education, medical visit etc. There are certain streams of immigration that create express pathways for a person to immigrate, sometimes the process can even be completed in less than a year’s time. Let us consider the various avenues through which one can enter Canada for work, gain a Permanent Residency and eventually, a Canadian citizenship. There are points given for years of experience, levels of education and experience in any one of the 347 occupations as notified by the National Occupational Classification system.

Under the Federal Skilled Workers program, candidates receiving an invitation must submit a full application within 60-days. Similarly, every program has a set of requirements that allow the candidate to be assessed based on the parameters outlined by the program. You can search for a job directly at the Canada Job Bank,, where you may also apply and have a job awaiting you on the other side of the shore.

The majority of job vacancies remain in the 10 largest industrial sectors in terms of employment, led by transportation and warehousing, manufacturing and accommodation and food services. Visit for more information. As a skilled worker or professional, you have several options to consider. For example, you may be eligible for applying under Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker Class or, if your intended destination is in Quebec, the Quebec Skilled Worker Program may be the pathway for you and your family. All these programs give you a Permanent Residence card, which is the pre-mandate for acquiring Canadian citizenship. Further, the Canadian government has made an allowance in which even an expired PR card is accepted for a citizenship application. For further information, visit site

The Canadian Immigration system uses a point based evaluator to assess potential immigrants for their suitability to meet the mandated Permanent Residency guidelines. Visit for the requisite points to be garnered for acceptance to the PR program. Among the requirements, the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the standardized test that Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) recognizes as proof of English language ability for immigration purposes and is mandatory, if you are not a native speaker and do not have proof of having studied English in high school and above. The four sections of the IELTS (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking) are measured on a Band Score system from 1-9. To receive the maximum number of points for English language ability on a Federal Skilled Worker application, the applicants must obtain a Band score of 7.5 or higher in the Listening component and a 6.5 or higher in the other three components.

In addition to your IELTS scores, you must also fulfil the pre-requisites of police verification, medical check, completing the credential equivalence for all your educational and personal documents, including their translation into English or French. For more details, visit to know more about the list of service providers designated by CIC for the purpose. The authority named Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is an easy to use, interactive portal, which eases navigation across the intricacies of immigrating to Canada through an online quiz. Taking the quiz determines your suitability to apply for specific programs. To learn more on this aspect, visit Also, you must register at the CIC website to begin your online application for immigrating to Canada through the link,, In addition, you can also avail the Student Direct Stream program that Canada is providing for Indian, Chinese and Vietnamese students.  Moreover, your registration can be done online and it would be advisable to link your paper application to the online profile. Remember, your account will be the link for you to pay taxes, monitor benefits etc., well after you have even gained citizenship.

Inasmuch, there are fast-track Canadian immigration programs that allow candidates to receive a provincial nomination certificate. In most cases, a nomination certificate will allow candidates to immigrate more quickly than through other Canadian immigration programs. Also, if your relative fulfils certain conditions, you can live, study and work in Canada with them as your sponsor. If you are an international investor with the skills and abilities needed to contribute to our economy and integrate into Canadian society, you may be eligible to apply for permanent residence under the Immigrant Investor Venture Capital (IIVC) Pilot Program. To find out more about this avenue, please click on the link,

Additionally, there is The Atlantic Immigration Pilot, a partnership between the Government of Canada and the four Atlantic provinces of New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. This protocol helps employers in the Atlantic region hire job candidates who aren’t Canadian citizens or permanent residents, please click on the link here for more details, Similarly, for students who wish to find employment and are already in Canada, please see this link for information on the Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP).

All the fees for the processing of applications under various programs can be paid online through a credit card and must be paid in Canadian dollars. Also, please check the processing time for the application in the program of your choice on the specific link to know when to expect a response on your application. Also, if there are certain persons who cannot immigrate directly, there is an avenue called the Compassionate and Humanitarian program, which allows you to migrate to Canada under exceptional circumstances.

As per a report by the Business Development Bank of Canada, from a provincial perspective, Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Ontario are the engines of growth, while provinces in Atlantic Canada show slower rates in comparison, at about one percent and lower. The world economy is expanding and this offers incredible opportunities for Canadian entrepreneurs to position themselves for growth and take advantage of the global momentum Read the complete report here at  Also, given the mushrooming of businesses and the fast paced technology boom, Canada is looking to expand and for that, it needs to fill its human resource deficit of over 15% which it intends to fill through the PR program as per the 2017-2020 plan. If you are looking to live in a highly developed nation with excellent quality of life, social benefits, low crime rate, Canada is the place for you and there’s no time like the present to get started on your CIC application.

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