How study and work VISA changes in Canada for Fall 2020 will favor Indian study abroad aspirants?

How study and work VISA changes in Canada for Fall 2020 will favor Indian study abroad aspirants?
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How study and work VISA changes in Canada for Fall 2020 will favor Indian study abroad aspirants?

Study and work VISA Canada

The pandemic may have disrupted the application plans of numerous study abroad aspirants, but the ones with Canada dreams have a reason to cheer for even in these turbulent times, and here is why.

While colleges across the globe are deliberating on how to reopen and when to reopen for the upcoming fall semester, the Canadian government in its bid to counter this dilemma has announced progressive changes in the study and work visa for Fall 2020.

So, if you are an incoming Fall 2020 student considering deferment, there is no reason to feel anxious about your future, as the proposed student-friendly changes in Canada’s Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) will enable you to commence your program online this fall even if uncertainty due to the pandemic continues to prevail.

So, what is PGWP and how is this going to benefit international students in particular and Canada at large?

The PWGP facilitates international students to gain work experience in Canada upon completing their respective academic programs from eligible Canadian designated learning institutions (DLI).

PWGP Eligibility

Full time degree, diploma or a certificate program from DLI with a minimum course duration of at least eight months. The duration of the PWGP depends on the length of the program.

Proposed Changes in PWGP

As per the prevailing guidelines of the Canadian federal department Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC); online education does not qualify for PWGP. But given the closure of colleges and universities due to the pandemic and the implementation of social distancing norms and lockdown measures, IRCC has relaxed the PWGP guidelines.

What this essentially means is that an international student can commence classes online and complete 50 percent of the intended program remotely without attending on-campus classes and still be eligible for PWGP post-graduation. As a consequence, there will not be any curtailment in the duration of PWGP for the time spent outside Canada up to December 31, 2020.

How International Students Stand to Gain from the proposed changes in PWGP?

  • The PWGP enables international students to work in Canada for three years post completion of their studies (if the course duration is more than 18 months, and for one year if the duration is more than 8 months)
  • This duration of employment is given due consideration at the time of applying for permanent residency
  • Students can capitalize on the opportunity to move forward through remote learning instead of considering deferment, in the process save considerable time.
  • Students can save on accommodation and living cost by commencing their education remotely from their home country

Consequently, these progressive measures are likely to boost up the Canadian economy during these financially bleak times, as the revenue incurred in the form of tuition fees can be used towards paying wages and salaries of college faculty, staff, and administrative personnel.

While Canada is renowned for its world-class education, diverse culture, safety standards, and excellent quality of life, the proposed PWGP changes make Canada all the more appealing when it comes to zeroing in on a safe, progressive, and welcoming study abroad destination.

We hope that you will use this opportunity to make informed decisions regarding your graduate education in the right earnest. On our part, we will continue to do our best in providing you with the most up-to-date information, guidance and support.

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