GRE Word bulletin

GRE Words Bulletin Part-1

ABANDON: To give up completely
Sentence: The captain abandoned the sinking ship.
Synonyms: relinquish, forgo, forsake
Antonym: defend, acquire

ABET: To encourage -or support
Sentence: The traitor minister treacherously abetted the enemy.
Synonyms: spur, incite.
Antonym: deter, impede

ABASH: To lose self-confidence; to confuse, put to shame
Sentence: The old man was abashed before the assembled dignitaries as he could not speak a word.
Synonyms: fluster, disconcert, discomfit, iscompose.
Antonym: relax, acclimate

ABRIDGE: To shorten
Sentence: The politician abridged his lengthy speech as the people started leaving the grounds.
Synonyms: curtail, diminish, retrench.
Antonyms: protract, elongate, amplify

ABDICATE: To give up claim to
Sentence: The king abdicated the throne when he was defeated by his rivals.
Synonyms: renounce, abandon, relinquish
Antonyms: colonize, counter

6»  ABROGATE: To abolish or render void
Sentence: The treaty between the two parties was abrogated by mutual consent.
Synonyms: annul, nullify, rescind, void.
Antonyms: inveigle, reinstate

ABSTEMIOUS: Moderate in the use of food or drink
Sentence: He was clearly abstemious in his habits as he always knew when to stop.
Synonyms: temperate, austere, ascetic
Antonyms: indulgent, materialistic

8» ACCEDE: To agree to
Sentence: The father acceded to his son’s request.
Synonyms: assent, acquiesce
Antonym: demur, denounce

ACCOLADE: An award or salute
Sentence: To motivate the youngsters of the country, the government announced a tremendous accolade for a returning hero.
Synonyms: tribute, ovation
Antonyms: denunciation, reprimand

10» ACCORD: Agreement or harmony
Sentence: The manager was in full accord with his employee’s view point
Synonyms: concord, concurrence.
Antonyms: dissension, discord

11» ACRIMONIOUS: Sharp or harsh in language or temper
Sentence: The man was stung by the acrimonious remarks made by his wife.
Synonyms: caustic, acerb, pungent, tart, mordant, acrid; (noun) asperity.
Antonyms: suave, affable

12» ACUMEN: Keenness of mind or insight
Sentence: The young lad showed exceptional business acumen in his presentation.
Synonyms: perspicacity, discernment, perception.
Antonym: obtuseness, ineptness

13» ADMONISH (noun: ADMONITION): To warn or find fault gently
Sentence: The angry father kept admonishing the unruly child.
Synonyms: chide, caution, reprimand, reprehend, reproach.
Antonyms: extol, laud

14» ADVERSARY: (adj.: ADVERSE): An opponent
Sentence: He lost to his adversary in a bitter debate.
Synonyms: antagonist, nemesis
Antonyms: cohort, confederate, ally, accomplice.

15» AESTHETIC: Pertaining to the beautiful
Sentence: The curator of the museum seemed more interested in aesthetic values rather than in purely practical affairs.
Synonyms: artistic, exquisite
Antonyms: grotesque, hideous

16» AFFABLE: Sociable, courteous, and agreeable in manner a much admired
Sentence: The affable gentleman mingled with almost everyone at the event.
Synonyms: civil, complaisant, benign, gracious, genial, urbane, cordial.
Antonyms: curt, brusque, rude, boorish, surly.

17» AFFLUENT: Prosperous, flourishing; copious
Sentence: The lucky boy received a large bequest from his affluent grandfather.
Synonyms: opulent, profuse.
Antonyms: destitute, impecunious.

18» AGGRESSIVE (noun: AGGRESSION. an unprovoked attack): self-assertive; attacking, offensive
Sentence: The surly boss annoyed his people by his aggressive attitude.
Synonyms: bumptious, officious, obtrusive.
Antonyms: meek, humble, retiring, diffident.

19» ALACRITY: Eagerness; cheerful promptness
Sentence: The man responded to the flattering job offer with alacrity.
Synonyms: celerity, briskness, energy, animation.
Antonyms: apathy, nonchalance, sluggishness, lethargy, phlegmatism.

20» ALLAY: To calm; to lessen in severity
Sentence: The student was at ease now that his fears relayed to his exams had been allayed.
Synonyms: appease, alleviate, pacify, assuage, abate, mitigate, propitiate, mollify, placate.
Antonyms: intensify, aggravate.

21» ALLUDE (noun: ALLUSION): To refer to indirectly
Sentence: He alluded quite subtly to his friend’s misfortune.
Synonyms: insinuate, intimate, imply.
Antonyms: refer, cite.

22» ALLURE: To tempt by flattery or an attractive offer
Sentence: He was allured by the prospect of a new job.
Synonyms: lure, decoy, inveigle, entice, seduce, wheedle, beguile, cajole.
Antonym: repel, dissuade

23» AMBIGUOUS: Uncertain, vague, capable of being inter- in more than one way
Sentence: The audience looked puzzled by the ambiguous statement.
Synonyms: hazy, obscure, equivocal, dubious, nebulous.
Antonyms: explicit, unquestionable.

24» AMENABLE: Obedient; willing to submit
Sentence: The organizers were amenable to the suggestions given by the participants.
Synonyms: tractable, docile, responsive.
Antonyms: intractable, refractory, recalcitrant.

25» AMIABLE: Good-natured; friendly
Sentence: He attracted his friends by his amiable disposition.
Synonyms: complaisant, genial, cordial
Antonyms: querulous, surly

26» ANACHRONISM: A thing placed or occurring out of its normal time
Sentence: A dinosaur walking in downtown would be an anachronism.
Synonyms: incongruity, mistiming
Antonyms: aftermath, array

27» ANALOGY (adj.: ANALOGOUS): A relation between two things shown in the resemblance not of the things themselves but of their characteristics
Sentence: He indicated points of analogy between the two situations.
Synonyms: correspondence, affinity.
Antonym: anomaly (a deviation from the general rule), discrepancy

28» ANIMUS: A feeling of hatred
Sentence: The saint of a king felt no animus, even against the enemy.
Synonyms: enmity, rancor, malevolence, animosity.
Antonym: amity, adulation

29» ANNALS: Historical records
Sentence: The excerpt has been taken from the annals of literature.
Synonyms: chronicles, archives
Antonyms: disarray, disrupt

30» ANTHOLOGY: A collection of choice literary works
Sentence: She owns an anthology of modern poetry.
Synonyms: compendium, miscellany
Antonyms: solo, alone

31» AVARICE: Excessive greed
Sentence: He accumulated a fortune by avarice and miserliness.
Synonyms: covetousness, cupidity, avidity.
Antonym: magnanimity, rapacity

32» ANTITHESIS (adj.: ANTITHETICAL): Contrast; the direct opposite
Sentence: His selfish attitude seemed to be the antithesis of patriotism.
Synonyms: converse, polarity
Antonyms: coherence, conformity

33» APATHY (adj.: APATHETIC): Lack of feeling, emotion, or interest
Sentence: attributed his failure to apathy, rather than lack of ability.
Synonyms: torpor, lethargy, sluggishness, listlessness, languor, lassitude, dispassion; (verb) languish.
Antonyms: zeal, animation.

Sentence: Because of being unprepared, Tom is apprehensive of the examination.
Synonyms: jittery, disquieted
Antonyms: dauntless, courageous

35» APPRISE: To inform
Sentence: The major apprised his lieutenants of the new situation.
Synonyms: notify, enlighten
Antonyms: discombobulate, flummox

36» APPROBATION: Approval; praise
Sentence: The kids came up with a plan that met with hearty approbation.
Synonyms: sanction, commendation.
Antonym: disapprobation, endorsement

37» ARCHETYPE: An original pattern
Sentence: The factory manufactured copies reproduced from the archetype.
Synonyms: prototype, paradigm
Antonyms: stereotype, facsimile, replica.

38» ARID: Dry; barren
Sentence: The arid desert land covered most parts of the country.
Synonyms: jejune, parched.
Antonyms: arable, fertile.

39» ARTFUL: Sly; crafty
Sentence: The shrewd employee attained his mean objective by artful measures.
Synonyms: cunning, wily, adroit, ingenious, guileful.
Antonyms: guileless, ingenuous, artless.

40» ARTICULATE (verb): To speak clearly or distinctly
Sentence: The criminal articulated slowly so that he could not be misunderstood by the policeman.
Synonyms: enunciate, pronounce
Antonyms: inarticulate, incoherent

41» ASCETIC: Rigorously self-denying
Sentence: pursued the ascetic life of a monk.
Synonyms: austere, abstinent.
Antonyms: wanton, self-indulgent

42» ASKANCE: With distrust
Sentence: The detectives looked askance at the forged signature.
Synonyms: sideways, doubtfully
Antonyms: guilelessly, ingenuously

43» ASSEVERATE: To declare positively; to confirm
Sentence: The president asseverated his views with conviction.
Synonyms: assert, avouch, aver, avow, allege.
Antonyms: gainsay, controvert, recant, rescind, abjure, disavow.

44» ASSIDUOUS: Industrious
Sentence: The assiduous worker toiled long hours.
Synonyms: sedulous, attentive, diligent, indefatigable.
Antonyms: indolent, slothful.

45» ATHEIST: One who denies that God exists
Sentence: The atheist declared, “There is no God.”
Synonyms: infidel, agnostic, skeptic.
Antonyms: credo, pious

46» ATTRIBUTE (verb): Assign
Sentence: The diligent student attributed his success to his hard work.
Synonyms: ascribe, accredit
Antonyms: discredit, shoddy

47» AUGMENT: To increase or enlarge
Sentence: The war included an army augmented by numerous enlistments.
Synonyms: enhance, amplify.
Antonyms: abate, curtail.

48» AUSPICIOUS: Indicating a happy outcome
Sentence: The prospect for this project appears auspicious.
Synonyms: propitious, fortunate.
Antonyms: ominous, foreboding.

49» AUTHENTIC: Genuine
Sentence: The boy produced an authentic document.
Synonyms: veritable, bona fide.
Antonyms: apocryphal, counterfeit, spurious, bogus.

50» AUTOCRATIC: Despotic
Sentence: He was feared by the masses as an autocratic ruler.
Synonyms: tyrannical, imperious
Antonym: benevolent, electable

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