Georgia Tech, Masters in ECE | Student Experience
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Georgia Tech, Masters in ECE | Student Experience


Georgia Tech, Masters in ECE | Student Experience

My engineering journey started with DJ Sanghvi College in the Electronics and Telecommunication department. During my undergrad program, I got acquainted with several technologies, and functioning of various electronic devices. Upon completion of my undergraduate degree, I immediately secured admission at Georgia Tech with a focus on Computer Networks. Georgia Tech Masters in ECE  Student Experience
GTech is the first choice of all the Electronic engineers looking for courses such as Computer Systems Software and VLSI. Two career fairs are held every year, one in early September and the other in end of January. Most of the students from ECE/CS secure an internship/job in one of the 300 companies visiting these fairs. Georgia Tech Masters in ECE  Student Experience

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While pursuing MS at GTech, I approached various IIT students and classmates with work experience to gain valuable insights in computer networks. I was also a part of study group which enabled me to exchange ideas and become technically sound. Teaching Assistants and fellow students were always ready to lend a helping hand when I faced any academic difficulties. Seniors were supportive in terms of guiding me with my academic and non-academic endeavours. From my experience, I learned that balanced coursework is the key to excel in Masters.
In order to maintain the F-1 visa status, students are required to earn 12 credits (or 4 courses) per semester. GTech has a faster pace in comparison to schools such as NCSU and ASU that require students to take 9 credits (or 3 courses) per semester. The MS program at GTech is 3 semesters long (4-4-2) whereas in other colleges it is either 4 semesters (3-3-3-1) or 3 semesters (3-3-4) long. I would insist on choosing a balanced coursework that enables the student to score a good GPA. (3.5/4 is considered good). I have taken 1 heavy, 2 moderate and 1 light course. In order to opt for internships, it is advisable to keep the coursework light during the second semester.
For first two weeks of each semester, students are allowed to sit for various courses and decide which courses to enroll in. The level of difficulty of the Master’s Program is determined by the STUDENT alone. Georgia Tech Masters in ECE  Student Experience
Life at Georgia Tech:
Georgia Tech has relatively large campus with great amenities. The 1996 Atlanta Olympics were held at GTech. There are a wide range of recreational facilities such as swimming pool, sports club, and fitness centres. GTech has a rich cultural diversity with students hailing from different nationalities. Student Organizations render student support services and co-curricular learning facilities. Georgia Tech Masters in ECE  Student Experience
How easy or difficult is to get a TA/RA?
Georgia Tech has few positions for Teaching and Research Assistantships hence, one should start looking for assistantships as soon as one arrives. There is no formal process for applying for an assistantship. It’s more about networking with the professors. Interested student must find out which professors are teaching them and the undergraduate courses they teach. According to one’s interest or specialization, one must approach these teachers. It is important to meet the teachers frequently and remind them about the assistantship. A lot of the students end up going every alternate day asking for open positions. This displays the student’s enthusiasm and elevates his/her chances to acquire the assistantship. Georgia Tech Masters in ECE  Student Experience
Internship and Experience
The career fair at GTech is phenomenal with all top companies coming to recruit. There is a career fair in every semester. I would recommend all students to apply to these companies with whatever experience or expertise they possess. Georgia Tech Masters in ECE  Student Experience
I applied to quite a few companies, before being shortlisted by CISCO. The shortlisting and interview process differs from company to company, but mostly it includes submitting the resume or undergoing a short test and then waiting for an interview call. My interview included questions on technical concepts and required me to understand and write code in C, C++ and TCL. My internship at CISCO lasted for 12 weeks. I was a part of the development test team and I solved low-level bugs. I was also responsible for modifying the QA team’s script according to requirements, thus automating the testing process. The internship gave me an insight into the corporate culture and helped me understand how large-scale projects work. Georgia Tech Masters in ECE  Student Experience]]>

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