Letter of Recommendation for CS (CMU)

Letter of Recommendation for CS (CMU)
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Letter of Recommendation for CS (CMU)


Following is a sample LOR for CS (CMU)

Dear Graduate School Admission Office Management
It is my pleasure to write this letter in support of ________.  ________ is one of the most creative, intelligent and capable individuals I have had the good fortune to work with and know.  I have no hesitation in enthusiastically recommending ________ for the Master’s program in Computer Science.  I am convinced that she would excel in this program and be a true asset to your University.

I have known ________ for the past 2 years.  I was her Supervisor for two summer internships at our branch office in India.  ________ was recruited on the basis of her excellent academic record and the results of a general aptitude test followed by personal interview sessions.  ________ impresses me in a number of areas and it is her combination of technical skills, talents, drive, and desire that convince me that she will be successful in the Masters Program.

To start, she is extremely creative and articulate and one of the most intelligent individuals I have ever worked with.  She is a very quick learner, has excellent research skills, and has the ability to focus intensely on demanding tasks.

________ worked in our testing group chartered with automating all phases of Voice Over IP Telephony systems testing.  She was very creative in developing an automated solution for analog signal testing of IP PBX systems.  It was ________ determination and persistence that enabled reduction in test time per unit by 50% by removing all manual testing aspects and adding automated report generation.  ________ had the ability to relate to each group and tailor her communication style to each groups’ needs.  ________ was very instrumental in working with the Engineering group to design a real-time trunk monitoring tool using Visual C++.  It was ________’s initiative and desire that enabled us to develop one-touch comprehensive regression testing solution.  ________ is a wonderful and talented technologist and her ability to translate abstract ideas into meaningful system components was truly invaluable.

Early on I was very impressed with ________’s knowledge of system architecture and technical understanding of IP networking.  ________ recognized the need and responsibility to design and build automated testing solution that replaced broken and unreliable testing sequences.  ________’s creativity, technical abilities and commitment to implement the best possible solution enabled her to achieve significant results within short time.

________ clearly has the skills and talents necessary to succeed in this Masters program, but I think it’s her genuine interest in and passion for computer science and desire to improve human life with software applications that will enable her to excel.  ________ has always impressed me with her recognition of the need for and her desire to design computer applications of the next generation.
Again, I have no doubts that ________ will excel in Masters programs in Computer Science and recommend her highly.  I think she will make a great contribution to your school and I’m very much looking forward to seeing and experiencing the contributions she will make in the field of Computer Science.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding this recommendation.

Director of Software Development
_________ Company

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