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What are the steps to crack GRE with good scores?

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GRE is a tough nut to crack, but only when you lack proper planning, strategy, and discipline. With a little planning and foresight, it will suddenly start looking orderly, logical and attainable. GRE preparation is a rigorous mental workout, which builds your accuracy, timing, and confidence after consistent practice. One needs to train his/her mind to ingrain the concepts, techniques, and strategies that are essential to crack GRE and be able to invoke them during the exam. Also, preparation necessitates one to strike a right balance between study and breaks.

You may want to take care of these little things to ensure success in the GRE:

  1. Your brain has a level of saturation beyond which its efficiency starts reducing. Take regular breaks and let your brain refresh and recharge itself. Once that happens, you will be able to bounce back and achieve much more.
  2. Set a right rhythm for GRE. Just cramming and practicing like a maniac will not work. You need to follow a steady strategy of the learning-understanding-analyzing-practicing-taking mock test followed by a well-deserved break.
  3. Monitor your progress in terms of your timing, accuracy, and score continuously.
  4. Consistent practice is always better than last minute rigors.
  5. Make a concrete, but realistic study plan and try to stick to it. It will put you in the right trajectory of discipline, where you will start to take your study as seriously as you take your dentist’s appointment after an excruciating toothache.
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