I’m 24 and I earn 18 LPA in bangalore at a tier 1 software company.

Will it be a good idea to leave this job and go for masters in CS at a rank 40-50 University (high GRE and low GPA – so not expecting any better than this)? For the sake of example, let’s say NEU.

I want to do masters but at the same time I want to consider the change in earning potential and lifestyle for the same as well.

Please help.

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Totally depends on what you want in your life. If lifestyle change and earning in $ is what you want, MS would be a good option (but it’ll come with debt and grind of 1-2 years in academia). Also, University rankings doesn’t matter much if you don’t want research. As long as you’re in any of the top 50-60 and you’re working hard, you’ll most probably achieve your goals.

The other way can be relocation within the company you’re working for.

All the best!

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