How to handle GRE Exam pressure?

How to handle GRE Exam pressure?
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How to handle GRE Exam pressure?


You have done your utmost to prepare for the big day. The race has been long and you have come very close to the finishing line. You have poured all your energies in meticulously planning for your exam, studied exhaustively during your GRE classes and GRE coaching, and done countless revisions. The last thing that you want now is to ruin your exam performance by any careless slip-up. Now that you are fully prepared to take the much awaited GRE exam, make sure to follow the right strategy.

Here are a few tips that will help you heighten your performance on the GRE Exam day:

  1. No eleventh hour cramming up: The worst mistake one makes is engaging in crazy cramming sessions a day prior to the exam. It is, in fact, a time to organize your thoughts and mentally catalogue everything you have learnt so far. Last minute study does you more harm than good as your brain needs some time to assimilate fresh information and reproduce it at the right time. Moreover, your short-term memory gets blocked with new information and obstructs long-term memory recalls.

2. Spend time oiling your brain:  Your brain needs to unwind just as your body does. This helps enhance your focus, attention span and information retention. Taking the mock test a day before the exam can be counterproductive. Also, the last 48 hours are not suitable for gathering new information rather it is time to consolidate the information already gathered.

3. Refresh information on exam format: You might have already acquainted yourself with the test format but it is always a good idea to refresh your information so that you can easily anticipate the test pattern, be mentally prepared and forestall probable test comprehension glitches.

4. Get a comforting night sleep: In order to regulate your sleep-wake cycles, you ought to lay out a healthy sleep plan and religiously stick to it at least a week prior to your exam. Your mind needs to be fresh, alert and at peace on the exam day; so, make sure you retire to bed early the previous night. Taking unnecessary stress can lead to mental exhaustion and deplete your physical energy level as well. Just take a chill pill and do not let fatigue get the better of you.

5. Make a list of essentials to be carried to the center: Remember to carry your duly signed legal photo ID, admission ticket and additional clothing to the test center. Carrying an extra layer can come handy as the temperature at the center may be lower than what your body is accustomed to.

6. Keep the directions to tests center handy: It always pays off to get directions to your test center beforehand so that you are not ruffled with last-minute hassles of locating your center. Also, keep some buffer time in hand for unpredictable traffic snarls.

7. Do not overindulge in greasy grub: Start eating as light and healthy as possible a week before the exam to stave off any chances of falling sick due to the wrong intake. In an attempt to feel better and combat anxiety, test aspirants at times tend to gorge on high carb and oily fast food. This is not just heavy on their stomach but also results in fatigue and weariness.

It is rightly said that calmness is the cradle of power. A cool and composed mind is a sure shot sign of a true winner. It is, therefore, important to not let your anxiety bouts overpower you. Make the most of your preparation by projecting a calm mindset and confidently put your best foot forward.

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