Careers in Embedded Systems

Careers in Embedded Systems
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Careers in Embedded Systems

Career Opportunities in Embedded Systems – Training in Embedded Systems would equip the student to be proficient in both the software and hardware aspects of information technology.

Engineers who relish a challenge and are never tired of exploring new vistas can look for a very fulfilling career in Embedded Systems Technology. Training in Embedded Systems would equip the student to be proficient in both the software and hardware aspects of information technology. 

The skill sets required to excel in the field includes hard coding skills. Embedded devices are either coded in C, C++ or Java. Languages like ADA or FORTRAN are also extant. Some assembly language skills, like competency in Assembly Language Programming like ARM is also a necessity. 

Students in training undergo hands on experience with both the software and hardware elements that are used in embedded systems designs. Trainees familiarize themselves with the embedded processor architecture and programming. They are also introduced to the Input/Output and driver interfaces to embedded processors with networks, multimedia cards and disk drives. 

The C programming language is a fundamental programming requirement that trainees must have. Some of the good textbooks on the language recommended by CMU are:  Practical C Programming by Steve Qualline, Portable C by Henry Rabinowitz and Chaim Schaap, and C Traps and Pitfalls by Andrew Koenig for novice C programmers.

The international markets for product development in embedded systems alone come to about $ 75 billion. Meeting this high demand requires highly trained and competent professionals. Organizations like Intel, Texas Instruments, Patni, Wipro and Sasken have invested substantial amounts in product development and R & D. Training and Development of skilled personals have become one of the crucial challenges for Indian policy makers. C-DAC at Bangalore, India has started a five-month full time course in embedded systems design for electronics and Computer Engineers.

Micromax Informatics, one of the private sector enterprises in India has tied up with University of California (UCI) to offer a 10-month certificate course in embedded systems technology. The basic qualifications for enrolling in the course are a BSC, BE or an MCA degree.

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