What are the top business programs in USA?

What are the top business programs in USA?
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What are the top business programs in USA?


Every year, an estimated 80,000 students come to the US from India to pursue higher studies. Among them, a substantial number apply for a bachelor or a masters program in business administration.

Business Programs in USA

A substantial number of students who apply for their higher studies in the USA go for programs in business management. According to specific needs of various students, Universities have devised these programs keeping in view the demand in the industry. Depending on his or her academic or professional backgrounds, students have the following options for pursuing a business-related Master’s degree:

Masters of Business Administration

If you have a good academic profile, a work experience of 3+ years, and a good score in the GMAT, you would be eligible for the MBA program. While it continues to be one of the hottest degrees, the MBA program fees are among the highest. Depending on your specialization, you would be able to get into a job in investment banking, bank treasury roles, derivative trading, corporate finance, marketing, human resource management, operations management, consulting, etc. The following are some of the top B-schools offering the MBA degree:

  1. Harvard Business School
  2. Stanford University
  3. University of Chicago (Booth)
  4. Wharton School of Business – UPenn
  5. MIT – Sloan School of Business
  6. Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University)
  7. Haas School of Business (UC Berkeley)
  8. Dartmouth College
  9. Yale University 
  10. Columbia University
  11. Darden Business School (University of Virginia)
  12. Fuqua Business School (Duke University)
  13. Stephen M. Ross School of Business (University of Michigan – Ann Arbor)
  14. Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management (Cornell University)
  15. Anderson School of Management (UCLA)
  16. Kenan – Flagler Business School (University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill)
  17. McCombs School of Business (UT-Austin)
  18. Tepper School of Business (CMU)
  19. Leonard N. Stern School of Business (NYU)
  20. Kelley School of Business (Indiana University) 

MS in Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering refers to the development and improvement of systems and processes for production or service delivery. There are multiple specializations within industrial engineering such as operations research, supply chain management, project management, financial engineering, human factors engineering and ergonomics etc. Some of the Universities that you could hope to get into for graduate studies in Industrial Engineering are: 

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  2. Stanford University
  3. University of California – Berkeley
  4. California Institute of Technology
  5. University of Southern California
  6. Georgia Institute of Technology
  7. University of Texas – Austin
  8. Purdue University 
  9. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
  10. University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign
  11. Harvard University
  12. University of Pennsylvania
  13. Cornell University
  14. Columbia University
  15. University of California – Los Angeles
  16. Texas A&M University
  17. University of Wisconsin – Madison
  18. Virginia Tech
  19. Pennsylvania State University
  20. John Hopkins University

Masters in Supply Chain Management

While some Universities offer SCM as a specialization within Industrial Engineering, quite a few of them have dedicated courses for the same. SCM refers to the management of suppliers and incoming flow of raw material, controlling the processing of raw material at various stages, controlling production and inventory levels through a scientific analysis of demand trends, and managing the transport of finished goods. Pursuing Masters in SCM from the following Universities will place you in high demand in the job market:

  1. Michigan State University
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  3. Penn State University
  4. Harvard Business School
  5. Arizona State University
  6. Cleveland School of Management
  7. Stanford University
  8. Georgia Institute of Technology
  9. University of Michigan
  10. Ohio State University
  11. Purdue University
  12. University of Wisconsin – Madison

Masters in Construction Management

As all nations strive to achieve progress, there is an increasingly faster pace of development of real estate and other infrastructure assets. Most of the developed countries want to renovate their infrastructure, and several developing countries want to improve the quality of life through better housing and connectivity. Hence, construction management is a field which is going to experience a boom in the coming future. A Masters in Construction Management from any of these universities would help you be a part of this greatest thrust by humankind towards a more evolved global civilization: 

  1. California Institute of Technology
  2. University of California – Berkeley
  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  4. Stanford University
  5. University of Southern California
  6. Georgia Institute of Technology
  7. University of Texas – Austin
  8. Carnegie Mellon University
  9. Purdue University
  10. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
  11. University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
  12. Texas A&M University
  13. University of California – San Diego
  14. University of California – Los Angeles
  15. Columbia University
  16. University of Wisconsin – Madison
  17. Cornell University
  18. Princeton University
  19. Virginia Tech
  20. Northwestern University

Masters in Engineering Management

Masters in Engineering Management is a program designed to deal with applying engineering principles to the business practices. You can seek career as an Engineering Manager in manufacturing, construction, oil industry and technology fields. You will study subjects from management and technology fields including project management. Students from any other undergrad majors can join MS in Engineering Management. It fits everyone and is most suitable for students who have engineering, technology, business backgrounds at the undergraduate level. Below is the list of universities offering MS in Engineering Management.

  1. Georgia Institute of technology
  2. Stanford University
  3. University of California – Berkeley
  4. University of Michigan
  5. Purdue University
  6. Northwestern University
  7. University of Wisconsin – Madison
  8. Virginia Polytechnic Institute
  9. University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign
  10. Pennsylvania State University
  11. University of Southern California
  12. Texas A and M University
  13. Ohio State University
  14. Auburn University
  15. University of Iowa
  16. Northeastern University
  17. Lehigh University
  18. Arizona State University
  19. University of Pittsburgh
  20. North Carolina State University
  21. University of Florida
  22. State University of New York Buffalo.

Masters in Marketing Management

Your company may produce the best product, but is it reaching the right population segment? Contained in the right packaging? With the right message across all channels? Are the consumers happy with the product or do they want something more in it? If you are a person who enjoys dwelling on such vexing questions and finding solutions to them, marketing is the field for you. The following Universities are most coveted by students aspiring to study this degree:

  1. Columbia University
  2. University of Pennsylvania
  3. Texas A&M University
  4. Purdue University
  5. University of Southern California
  6. University of Texas – Dallas
  7. University of Illinois at Chicago
  8. New York University
  9. San Jose State University
  10. Pennsylvania State University
  11. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
  12. Michigan State University
  13. University of Florida
  14. Rochester Institute of Technology
  15. University of Wisconsin – Madison
  16. John Hopkins University

MS in Finance

If you are keenly interested in number-crunching, and have an interest in finance and wish to make a career in the same, pursuing an MS in Finance degree would catapult you to just where you aspire to be. Armed with this degree, you could get into a role involving working on public offers of equities and debts, mergers and acquisitions, structuring swaps between companies operating in different geographies, trading in futures and options etc. The following are Universities that you might want to get into for studying an MS in Finance degree:

  1. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
  2. University of Illinois, Urbana – Champaign
  3. University of California – Berkeley
  4. University of Texas – Austin
  5. University of Maryland – College Park
  6. Auburn University
  7. Indiana University – Bloomington
  8. Texas Tech University
  9. North Carolina State University
  10. Arizona State University
  11. University of Texas – Arlington
  12. Georgia Institute of Technology
  13. New York University
  14. University of Wisconsin Madison
  15. Pennsylvania State University
  16. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
  17. Michigan State University
  18. Rice University
  19. University of Wisconsin – Madison
  20. John Hopkins University






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