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Boston University Feedback

Collegepond stays in constant touch with their ex-students in order to aid the current students to get the real-time information. We get them connected to clear doubts about the course, internships, housing, travelling, jobs, etc. Below is one of the Boston University feedback from our ex-student in response to the doubts asked by Fall 2016 aspirants of Collegepond. Boston University Feedback
“First thing first, you got an admit from “Boston University” and not “Boston College”. This is just a friendly advice though a very important one. This is because Boston College is one of many famous universities of Boston, and there is kind of a derby rivalry between BC and BU. Thus, you cannot mix the names, and especially not when you  arrive in Boston. So start getting used to it, from now itself.!! 😛
Anyways, answering your questions,  Boston University Feedback
1. BU is one of the highly reputed universities in the United States. It is kind of underrated in India, but that is because of the high fees and high cost of living of Boston. But as a current student, I can safely say that BU is the place to be if you are into extensive research. Thus, if you are thinking of a PHD, then do not hesitate to take BU. Jobs opportunities is kind of dependent, not on the university or the reputation, but on your current profile and the profile you build during your masters. I know people with me, who didn’t get a job yet and also ones who have got into Apple and Intel right after their masters. Just maintain a high GPA!!  Packages is again subjective, highly dependent upon your profile. There is no average, maximum or minimum for me atleast.  Boston University Feedback
2. Boston average cost of living is high. Rents are especially high if you want to get a room of your own. Cars, Drinks, food, clothes are way.. way cheaper than India. But if you manage your time well and don’t mess with you academics, there are a million opportunities on campus. You can easily pay your expenses off. Boston University Feedback
3. Internships again like jobs, highly dependent on your profile. College does not matter. You have to really good and prove your worth to the companies you are applying to. No TA unless you take the course once. But if you take the course and get a ‘A’ grade, then you can talk to the professor for TA, for the next time the course is offered. No RA unless you are a PHD student.
4. Class Size 25-30 for a famous course, 15 for a difficult course. Professors are legends in BU. They are just too good without doubt. Courses are well- structured, up to date, and extensively technical. You have to really buck up once you become a master’s student. Infrastructure wise amazing, and it has to be, cause the exorbitant fees they take. But I feel, every penny is worth it. Diversity – very few Indians (unusual) and way more Chinese.  Boston University Feedback
Best Regards,
______________” Boston University Feedback


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