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Best Books for IELTS Study

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A number of books are available to give the IELTS test takers a good practice in order to prepare for the IELTS tests that focusing on the four elements: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. These Test Study Guides have received excellent reviews by the audience most of which have taken the test previously. Some of the top rated books for IELTS study are: Top Books for IELTS Study

     1. Target Band 7: IELTS Academic – How to Maximise Your Score
This book has been written by a former IELTS test-taker herself named Simone Braverman. Her book is a strategic guide which is very easy to use and understand for the Academic IELTS. This prep book is popular for it’s main goal to help test takers reduce the time it takes to solve quintessential problems and aid them in refraining from making common mistakes. Braverman provides useful tips, content and techniques for each of the four elements of the IELTS concisely.  Sample exercises, material dealing with topic development and clear language are the main highlights of this prep book which makes sure the test takers fully understand and perform brilliantly in every section of the test. Top Books for IELTS Study


      2. Ace the IELTS General – How to Maximise Your Score
This book has been written by the same former test-taker Simone Braverman who already published a book for Academic IELTS. Those people taking the General Training IELTS test will find that this book covers every module of the test and provides unique tips and techniques to ace the actual test. This book too is simple and easy to understand. It is designed to effectively increase General Training IELTS. Sample tests are not a part of this book, but it mentions links to online practice tests, which test the same content of the book.

     3. IELTS Cambridge Books
The Cambridge IELTS books 1 to 10 have been published by IELTS and consist of authentic (real) test papers to practice. Each book contains 4 full tests, 2 tests for General Training test Reading and Writing with key answers. Audio transcripts or CDs for the Listening test are available with the book.

     4. IELTS Trainer
This test book consists of 6 practice test papers for Academic IELTS only along with some applicable advice for tackling the test. Practice test papers are not officially published by the IELTS, but are quite pragmatic.

     5. Vocabulary for IELTS
Quality vocabulary is a must for the IELTS tests. This book aims at improving vocabulary for IELTS topics by developing and refreshing the range of words in preparation for Writing and Speaking tests. The book contains various common topics, lists of words and exercises. Top Books for IELTS Study

     6. Grammar for IELTS
This book aims are improving the accuracy and range of grammar for IELTS. The grammar is in two forms – text and listening audios with explanations and exercises for practice that cover a good range of grammar.

     7. Barron’s IELTS Superpack
This book is as extensive as it can be. Each section is described in immense detail along with essential tips to grasp each section faultlessly. The tips and techniques mentioned help the test takers in understanding the subject matter with great detail. The superpack edition includes practice tests with two audio CDs for the Listening component as well as a manual of necessary words to build one’s vocabulary for IELTS with a CD in MP3 format. Essential words are used throughout the practice tests and exercises to help improve vocabulary. Candidates who have studied this book reviewed it saying it is good to build up your confidence level as the difficulty level transitions from easy to tough as it puts together distinctive helpful material from Barron’s IELTS into a superpack. The audio CDs for Listening tests are in American English, but there are chances that on the day of the test you may interact with a person speaking in British English, Canadian English or Australian English, and more. Top Books for IELTS Study

Road to IELTS
The British Council offers the Road to IELTS prep guide with mock papers, tutorial videos, interactive exercises. Road to IELTS is an online course available in three versions namely: ‘test drive’ which is free for download and gives you information of what is IELTS all about; ‘last minute’ is only accessible for free to those people who register for the IELTS test in association with the British Council, which gives you a practice sessions of up to 30 hours. The ‘full version’ is available for a price of $49.99 (estimated INR 3,300), which is a complete online course with over 300 interactive activities and nine practice tests. The ‘full version’ also contains tutorial videos by the British Council experts. This software keeps you updated on how you will be evaluated based on your practice tests.

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