Before departing to the US
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Before departing to the US



|Before departing to the US – This article is about things to do before going to USA for masters|
In the coming months, most students from India would be headed to the US for their higher education. The spring term starts in January – February and for most students making their way to US, this would be a journey of a lifetime. It would probably be the first time they are visiting a foreign country and it would also be the first time they are away from home and all by themselves. This new experience is exciting and heady. It can fill one up with a new sense of freedom along with great expectations. Before departing to the US

Before departing to the US, students need to learn about the weather conditions of the city or university town they are going to be located in. As stated, spring semester in the US begins during the January – February months, and in most parts of the US, severe cold of winter prevails. Students are therefore well advised to pack up lot of hot clothes that will keep them warm through the grueling winters. Indian students, particularly those coming from west and south India would take some time to acclimatize to hard American winters. Before departing to the US

Students are also well advised to travel light. Loads and loads of luggage make travel difficult, particularly in a new country. Restrict the luggage to two bags only. Apart from clothes and toiletries, baggage should contain books, which can be both academic and personal, food – only packed items, pots and pans for cooking, if so desired. Otherwise, one can always buy them in the US. Before departing to the US

CD’s and DVD’s for movie and music aficionados along with a personal music system are also preferable. Students should also make sure that they have all the maps {American and of the town they are located in} along with all concerned emergency telephone numbers with them.


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