What to remember before filling application form for MS abroad?

What to remember before filling application form for MS abroad?
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What to remember before filling application form for MS abroad?


The first step in the admission process involves completing the application form, a document crucial to the admission process. The application forms are lengthy and require details of students ranging from their academic records to their work experience and co-curricular activities to their personal details. The information thus captured is used by the University for Personal Record, and any discrepancies or errors can cost the student their admission into that particular university. Thus, filling the application form accurately is one of the most significant steps in the admission process.

Below are a few pointers that will ensure a smooth and quick application form submission.

  1. Before Filling Out the Application Form

There are a few things that must be taken care of before you begin to fill out the application form. You will usually need a recommendation letter from a professor or 

employer as well as official copies of your grades and test scores. Make sure that you have everything handy to avoid the last minute stress of application submission.

     2.Filling the Application Form

First, you need to fill up basic personal information such as your name, address, email, citizenship or visa status. You also need to enter family information, such as who you live with (parents, relatives, guardian, etc.) and information about your parents and siblings and their educational background. There is usually an optional section where you can enter your ethnic identity, marital status and other personal information that can help you if you are an international student. Next, you need to fill out your educational details, like previous schools attended and courses are taken. You also have to include your SAT or ACT scores and TOEFL or other English proficiency test scores. Merely writing down your scores and grades is not enough; you must send the official transcripts that validate your scores to the University.

    3. Listing Your Achievements in Your Application Form

You need to list any academic honors you’ve received like honor roll, awards, and certificates for excellence as well as extracurricular activities. These should be notable achievements and something truly extraordinary. Extracurricular activity means anything which is not a mandatory part of your course like participation in any sports, engagement in volunteer work, taking part in debates or conventions, etc. The admission committee is interested to know how well-rounded you are as an individual.

     4.The Application Essay

Many colleges require essays or personal statements. This varies from university to university, and thus you must check the official website to know the specifications regarding what you need to capture in your essay along with the word limit. You must ensure that what you write in your application essay reflects your thoughts and not what you think the admission officers want to read. The admissions committee reads thousands of application essays, so the best way to make your essay stand out is to simply be yourself. Write the application essay well in advance and give yourself enough time to put your writing aside for a few days so you can look at it later with a fresh perspective.

Thus, filling out a college application is an intensive process and in no way should be taken casually. The application form is the means to present yourself in good light to the admission committee. Since application form filling can be tedious, give yourself sufficient time to fill it accurately and correctly. Filling out an application form in the eleventh hour increases the chances of missing the required information and writing mediocre application essays that weaken your chance of gaining admission.

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