How to save money when studying abroad?

How to save money when studying abroad?
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How to save money when studying abroad?


Overseas education can cost you a fortune, and you must make every possible effort to   save some bucks specifically when you are responsible for controlling the purse string. Listed below are a few ways that can help you get along on a shoestring. 

  1. Avail student discount: There is a special privilege every student enjoys, and that’s called students discount, and the good news is that it is valid on just about everything ranging from movies to restaurants to apparels to a travel offer. Many students are not aware of such discounts and miss opportunities of salting away some dollars. All the shops will not proactively advertise student discounts, so you need to drop your inhibitions and take the initiative of asking for it.
  2. Make a budget: It may sound impractical and bothersome to begin with but drawing up a budget will help you in being trained to live within limits. You can start off with listing all important expenses that includes accommodation food, study material, toiletries, mobile bills and the entertainment, assign budget to each and devise ways to stick to it.
  1. Be diligent with your purchases: The shopaholic in you will urge you to buy stuff on impulse but think ten times before you give into your shopping impulse. Act with absolute discretion while buying clothes, electronics or planning getaway trips. The best way is to make comparisons through websites and wait for festive discount offers. If you can manage to hold your horse till you get the best deal, you will thank your decision. 
  2. Travel judiciously: The mantra is to research on lucrative offers and make booking well in advance. While you must make the most of your overseas stay by exploring the places around; do not make spontaneous and imprudent decision.  Looking for low-cost   travel options will not only help you in cutting back expenses but also make you aware of the most reasonable ways of traveling. 
  3. Cut cost on international calling: You may be perpetually homesick and looking for a reason to call home at drop of a hat. While your emotion may drive you to pick the call and connect to your best buddy and bare your heart out, please refrain from making international calls, especially when your conversation is likely to be long. There are inexpensive and viable options like Google talk and Skype, which allows you make a free call and talk chat or video chat to your heart’s content without burning a hole in your pocket. 
  4. Become money savvy: Saving money, more than skill, is an attitude. Try looking for ways to save money like making most of fluctuating exchange, withdrawing cash from ATMs that charge least transaction fees and resisting the urge to swipe your credit card every time you run out of cash.  Better still is to open a bank account with banks that offer attractive student offers. This will help you save the transaction fee at the ATMs and make your life much simpler by allowing you to set up monthly plans that offer cash benefits.
  5. Save on food: Well you may be a sworn foodie but this does not mean you end up frequenting that fast food outlet every second day. Whenever you visit a restaurant look for the dollar menu that gives you the best deals. Sign up for stores that offer lucrative discounts for regular customers. The best option however is to cook yourself which not only guarantees drastic cut down on eating expenses, but gives you control on keeping yourself healthy.
  6. Get diligent Deals:  Always be on a look out for lucrative online deals. Additionally, there are many rewarding festive deals which merchants come up during festivals like Thanksgiving, Labour Day Weekend, and Black Friday. Being deal savvy will help you a great deal in buying exciting stuff for a song. 
  7. Get yourself a student friendly credit card: Credit cards such as Amex Blue promises many cash back opportunities like up to 3% cash back on US superstores, gas stations and department stores. Being money wise over a period of time can definitely get you in a clover. 

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